What Makes your System Special?

Could be anything but interested in what makes it special for you.   Is there something you would want to change?
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@ghdprentice very nice! I’ve found Audio Research gear in particular to be very good at what you describe. Sonus Faber as well. My favorite local dealer featured both a few years back....everything he sold excelled in "musicality". My setup took a swing in that direction as well when I added a sp16 pre-amp acquired there a number of years back. I have it in my mind that I would like to compare it with some of the latest and greatest alternatives known for pure technical execution, specifically Benchmark, just for the fun of it, but every time I listen I think "why should I change this"?
One of a kind. 
My low ceilings. I've done a lot of work to deal with them and the response curves and listening tests make things sound very good. But, bottom line, 6.5 ft ceilings are major impediments and are the main reason I'll get into a new space when I can.
Musicality….the music flows from note to note more like live music.