What makes the biggest difference in sound quality?

When making changes or adding things to your system, what makes the bigger difference in sound quality on preamp‘s and power amps? Interconnects, speaker cables, power cords, or fuses?


I am half-deaf, and wear aids to compensate.  Best $ spent, but was 'picky' as to how & with what...

Ignoring the 'cable conundrum' entirely, as my perception of late may hear the difference, but would chalk it up to a different system in a different space not 'lived with' long enough to ascertain a 'difference', however apparent to the host..

Believe that the space itself is ignored too often, but one needs to run what one has, to the 'best of...' what can be attained.

Day One; your space or mine:  "OK....sounds like....."

Day Two:  "Now I see what you're talking about..."

(One needs to adjust their 'onboard EQ'  to accommodate, but as to ones' preferences...we ARE from 'different planets', if not galaxies....)

...and it's Saturday 8, anyway.....*L*

I don’t have a problem with people that are half deaf and know it....

My problem is with people that are half deaf and DON'T know it, and then accuse others of being delusional.


I mean, I feel bad for them...it’s not easy to live with a compromised sense of hearing, but the sanctimonious attitude...that I can do completely do without.

@ted_denney Given the choices you outlined, I would say interconnects first, speaker wire second, then PC’s. Never played with fuses, so I can’t say..


I would suggest the biggest difference is made where the biggest upgrade is made. I have some ‘decent’ xlrs, equivalent or better speaker cables, so for me, I’m sure upgrading my power cords would likely reveal a greater benefit than going a few steps up the IC ladder. Others may have already upgraded their power, so for them they’d benefit more from IC’s. I remember being truly shocked when I had my speakers dialed in for placement and then added the spikes. I did it because it was suggested, not because I expected anything, but then ‘damn!’. Since then I have upgraded cables, wires and components, and each step has shown a positive jump, indicating I’m not yet at the limit of what my speakers can offer. I’m not sure it’s quantifiable to say ‘X’ will provide the biggest improvement in a system because no two people hear the same, are in the same room, have the same tastes or system to begin with. To use the car analogy, replacing street tires on the Miata with racing slicks would help the Miata’s lap times. But if someone else has a GT3 and goes from similar street tires to racing slicks, his lap times will drop a lot farther because his performance envelope was previously far more restricted by his tires than the Miata drivers.

Having said, could anyone quantify which driver is having more fun?? :)