What makes speaker's sound big?

Does a speaker need to have many drivers or a large driver area to sound big and fill the room?
I am asking this question because I have a pair of tekton design double impact and would like to replace them with smaller speakers and a pair of subwoofer's to better integrate the bass into my room.
I just borrowed a set of B&W 702S. The are good but the just don't make that floor to ceiling sound that I like.
Maybe I have already answered my own question (: But again I have not heard all the speakers out there.
My room measure 15x19' and the ceiling goes from 7.5 to 12.8'


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OP - I am biased, but I think you will love the Maggie 1.7i speakers. I have them in my main system and I use the Maggie Base Panel with them to extend the bottom end. They create a soundstage in my room (18 ft by 23 ft with 9 ft ceiling) that is amazing. I push the 1.7i with the new Krell integrated amp (K300i) with no issues at all. I did biamp the base panel with the Son of Ampzilla amp- the more current the better for Magnapans. If you live near Greenville, SC you are more than welcome to come by for a listen!