What makes a speaker sound great at low volume?

Most of the time I hear music at a low volume (wifey, apartment, ....). 

I am looking to upgrade my current speakers, but in my market scanning I would like to understand, if there are certain “metrics” to look for, before I start going to stores for listening. 

Any advice? 

I think good speakers sound equally well at all volumes. At least, this is what I observe with my Thiel CS6 and CS3.6 ones. I can hear the same deepness and resolution at a low volume as at a high volume (given that the recording quality is good) from any angle including from the back of the speakers. I would not believe that a speaker with other behavior reproduces naturally enough a good quality recording. Loudness, tone and other artificial tools I think are extreme and non-efficient.

I had experienced lately a Luxman 590AXII with the Magico A1. Near field like one meter.
To my surprise heaven.

My Graham’s 5/9 sound glorious on low volume driven by a 30w class A Belles.
Its actually the ear’s that work less well at low volumes with extreme hi and low frequencies in particular.


Tone and loudness controls used to be provided in a lot of gear to make the needed adjustment for low volume.

Brighter speakers and/or speakers with tipped up bass  inherently sound better at low volumes. Also speakers with adjustable powered subwoofers.

1994-1996 era BIC Venturi v-62
with Venturi port!

 Best bookshelf,speaker ever heard!

 Bass low, tight, mids are there, and highs are crystal.