what made you get up & dance during the Olympics

Hi All,
My favorate part of the Olympics is Figure skating, Dance & pairs,but my Olympic moment& a 4year wait, was the Womens Hockey Game.OH what a game & OH CANADA.My husband & daughter saw more of me on the screen than the hockey players,they keep shouting WILL YOU SIT DOWN.I just wish my music system would get me moving & dancing like that game did.Any one else have a Olympic monent.
I'm a Yank, but Sale and Pelletiers' exhibition skate was dynamite, and I really did want to dance during the Rock and Roll music they skated to-- AND they really did EARN their gold medal, IMO. Sixteen year old Sarah Hughes' gold medal performance brought tears to my eyes. CHEERS. Craig
Does jumping up and down and yelling during yesterday's hockey game count???

I guess the Canadian "toonie" (our $2 coin) buried at center ice worked - at least our currency was good for something...
as a denver hockey fan, my loyalties and emotions were torn in the men's hockey final. when joey sakic made the winning goal and was then given mvp honors, i wanted to apply for canadian citizenship. the best part of that game, tho, was when the canucks stood toward the end and sang, a cappella, "oh, canada." there was obvious joy in their voices that i found quite moving. -cfb

ps- i'll be at the next home game of the avalanche with my audio dealer and close friend. i hope the organization does something to honor all the players from all the countries. i especially hope that chris drury shows off his silver medal and sakic, foote and blake their well-deserved gold ones.
Canada beating the USA X 2 in hockey made me dance naked.

Winner never won anything in her life. She had the jump of her life to win. The look on her face when she landed the jump is just priceless! She trained in a leach infested training pool. She seems to be a real nice honest person.
A hottie as well!
How about some pics Natalie!
Hey Rgd, I think it was a looney they buried not a toonie.
knowing they were finally over and Law and Order would be back on on Wed
Turbo- I believe you are right and I stand corrected...
...the curling competition...grin
I had the opportunity to attend three of the events and see SLC sustain an atmosphere it has never displayed before. That and walking down the middle of Main St. in Park City amidst the other revelers made me feel like dancin'. The atmosphere was incredible, the competition exciting and the controversy compelling. These were a GREAT winter Olympic games and a rare and priceless opportunity to host the world during a unique time in modern history. Not to mention we bested ourselves in past medal performance almost three fold!!! My condolences to those who missed the moment waiting for their favorite shows to come back on(?!).

Mario-Glad to hear you had a good time, must have been an experience to be engulfed in all of the greatness of the olympics-though I didn't see a single event(not my cup of tea) I can only imagine what it would mean to an enthusiast-a truly once in a lifetime experience(well maybe twice :)
The closing ceremonies. Thank God they're over. I guess, if there was a highlight, it was the USA men's hockey team beating the Russians for a shot at the Gold. The rest was a snoozefest. I sincerely believe that the Olympics are for women. My wife, her sister, my sisters, my mom, they all like them. Guys I know, feel like I do. Now I know how women feel during football season.
While not one to dance to, Michelle Kwan skating in the exhibition having missed the gold medal, to Eva Cassidy's "Fields of Gold" - great music, a poignant if ironic moment.
The High Def picture made me dance!