What loudspeakers do you have your Primaluna amp paired with?

I would like to see a thread on users experiences. It would make a great knowledge base to hear about choices, comparisons, likes/dislikes, etc.  Have you experience results that one might not expect? For example, loudspeakers costing a fraction of the PL sounding superb or driving lower efficiency speakers pretty well. 
My PrimaLuna integrated is hooked up to Omega Hemptones.  Got those speakers in 2005 and they've been great throughout the years.
I am using the Silverline Audio Sonata mk.III. Also a great combination with my PL Dialogue HP Amp.
My PL Dialogue HP is paired with VSA VR-33.  It's a very nice combo.  Rich yet detailed, with very nice sound staging, I really enjoy this in a second system of mine.  The simple first order crossover works well with the HP.  While the VR-33 is rated at 8 ohms, I prefer the 4 ohm taps off the amp.  Can listen to this all day.  Have never really pushed this to it's limits, I get the gut feeling the HP could drive these speakers out of the park. Most of my listening is at low volumes given the location of this system, and it never disappoints. 
My Prima Luna Dialogue Premium (not HP) easily drives my Magnepan 1.7’s. I include a PSB sub (actually sounds better to my ears than my Rel t7 did). I like el34b tubes. Especially rich guitar sounds.
My Prima Luna Dialog is paired with Focal 936's.  Love the pairing!
TT- VPI Classic Signature with Fat Boy tone arm, Paua MK cartridge, Manley Chinook Phono pre-amp.
I'm in heaven when listening to vinyl, particularly great pressings!
My PL Dialogue HP is paired with Zu Audio Druid V’s

analog - VPI Classic Signature, Kiseki Purple Heart cartridge, Manley Chinook

Digital - Linn Sekrit DS streamer

Love both analog and digital on my system.  I use Brimar CV4003's in the 12AU7 gain stage, stock tubes everywhere else, and usually use triode mode.

 Tried using a Prologue Premium with Klipsch La Scalla 2s. Had a nasty hum you could hear 12 feet away. Sold the Prima Luna. 
A pair of Klipsch Heresy  3  , Dialogue  Premium  HP Integrated
I have used my Dialogue Premium HP integrated to great effect with the following setups:

PSB Imagine T2s
Klipsch Forte IIIs
Wharfedale Denton 80th 
Wharfedale Linton 85th

I have heard it used with Golden Ears (forget which model) and PSB Imagine T3s. 

The amp can make even a reasonably priced speaker like the Linton ($1500 with stands) sound wonderful. 

I regret that I was never able to try with a pair of Totems I once owned but, probably, prematurely sold. I know Totems can be power hungry and I still would have thought it would drive them. 
It’s crazy how as good as the Dialogue Premium HP is, the EVO stuff is noticeably better.   I haven’t heard a single speaker that the PL stuff doesn’t work amazingly well with.  
my PL Dialogue Premium is paired with von Schweikert db99s. The speakers are very "quick" and don't take a lot of power. I'm getting tremendous dynamics and detail and was pleasantly surprised a tubed amp could provide this without costing megabucks. I swapped out the power tubes for Genelex KT77s. Great detail and even tonality up and down the spectrum.
I am looking for a pre owned   L Magnetic  to compare  to the PL  .I may like the LM amp more