What loading do you use on your Dynavector XX2MKII

I'm using a Simaudio Moon LP5.3, and just changed the resistive loading from 100ohms to 10ohms. This seems to have balanced out the frequency response from being somewhat tipped-up in the treble, to a better balance with the mids and bass. I'm just curious to see what others are doing in similar circumstances.

I'm not familiar with your Sim unit, so I'm not sure whether my experience will be of any use to you. With Naim's Superline, which allows for a wide variety of resistive and capacitance loads, I found my best results with a 453K resistance. This particular loading turns out to be very popular among Naim Superline owners who have XX2 Mk II's and XV-1s's. As a side note, I just upgraded to the XV-1s from the XX2 Mk. II. Oh...my...god.
100 ohms. Heed Quasar phono preamp.
Set it close to your cartridge's internal impedance (read your cartridge's specification).
I have had it at 100, now 10, Dynavector recommends 30.

Dan, can you get it up to 30? You might be losing some detail at 10.
>>Dynavector recommends 30<<

That is incorrect.

Dynavector recommends >30 ohms if you look closely.

In most applications I've found 100-200 ohms to be optimum loading for the XX2.

Dealer disclaimer.
I go back and forth between 100 and 200, depending on the recording. My McIntosh preamp lets me switch on the fly. In my system, anything under 100 is a little dull and lacks detail and bass impact.
Dear Dan: 100 Ohms seem to me almost right on that cartridge but if for you 10 Ohms works for the better then you are " done ", in your audio system you are the best "judge ".

Regards and enjoy the music.
I thank you all for your responses. Last night, I tried 470ohms, 100, and back down to 10ohms. 10ohms seems to work best for my equipment and temperament. Golden Imports Symphonies Nos. 1, "Nordic" and 3, Howard Hanson, sounded outstanding. I'll just stick with 10ohms for a while, it seems the best fit. There is no way to get between 10ohms and 100ohms, by the way.

Thanks to all,
There is no way to get between 10ohms and 100ohms, by the way.

Thanks to all,
Islandmandan (System | Threads | Answers)
Yes there is. Use some RCA "Y" adapters and plug some DIY RCA plugs wired with various resistor values into the extra female connector on each "Y" adapter. Use a 100 ohm starting value on your phono preamp. The total resistance will be lowered according to the value RCA plugs you install. Use this parallel resistance calculator to figure the new resistance. For example, using a base resistance of 100 ohms, plugging a RCA plug wired with a 50 ohm resistor will yield a resistance of 33 ohms.

Works great.

Thanks to member "Nsgarch" for this technique.
Mmmm, lot of smart folks on this site! Thanks Tvad, and Nsgarch, and many so others that have helped my analog front end sound so spectacular. (It really does!)

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Hey Dan, have you fooled around much with the VTA? Dynavectors generally should be a tiny bit low at the pivot end of the arm, not exactly level.
Hi 'Snappin,

I've tried raising and lowering the VTA, and have settled on about parallel, or a tad down in the back. I really didn't notice that much difference, though, so I quit messing with it. Lowering the resistive loading seemed to make much more difference, and it sounds so good now, I don't dare change it. I do like to tweak though, so I've got to resist the temptataion.

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Islandman, I'd be curious to know what speakers you are using and what happens to the sound as you increase the load resistance that you find less pleasant. I am just very surprised that 10-ohm loading sounds best.
Hi Lewm,
For speakers I'm using Dynaudio Contour 5.4's. I don't honestly know if this makes a difference, but I am using a passive pre, a Sonic Euphoria, that may have something to do with my loading preference. Music sounds more of a neutral frequency balance at 10ohms. When set higher, it reminds me of old receivers with the loudness contour on, not balanced, or neutral. I am enjoying the way vinyl sounds right now more than at any time in my 40+ years in this hobby. It works for me.

I too have the XX2 Mk II and have the loading set at 40 Ohms. Ralph Karsten (Atamasphere) provided a technical method of determining the loading using a function generator and an oscilloscope, and I found that with the loading set below 30 ohms, the signal began to be attenuated. Do you experience a drop in volume at that level?
Hi Mcdonald43,

I have not noticed a drop in gain, just a more neutral frequency balance.
Recently added 47ohm DIY resistors (thanks, Tvad!), and cartridge loading is now perfect. Once again, thanks to members for giving a helping hand when one is needed. Sure adds to the enjoyment of this great hobby!

Regards to all, and Happy New Year!
The correct loading makes an amazing difference, doesn't it? FWIW your loading is almost exactly what I measured using Atmasphere's method.
Recently I read that for MC cartridges 47 kohms is also an option for loading. What is the purpose for such a high impedance loading?