What live performances are broadcast in your area?

I live in rural (burgeonly-suburban) NH, USA about 75 miles from the Boston broadcast towers. I enjoy live (no tape) Boston Symphony broadcasts from Symphony Hall, such as the one I heard last night of the Previn Violin Concerto and Beethoven Symphony #7 on WCRB. We also have rock broadcasts from the River 92.5 live in studio (Shawn Colvin, the late Jeff Buckley, etc.) Obviously the immediacy and impact of these performances is unparalleled. Compiling a register of these for the Agon community is a "good thing." Question is:
1. What live broacasts do you have in your area? What stations? What kinds of music?
2. What equipment, including antenna and tuner, are you listening to them on?
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In Flagstaff AZ they broadcast "Performance Today", which is not live performances but recordings thereof. However, they still have that alive, being-there feeling. That's a great show on NPR, and if your station doesn't carry it, it could be tuned into digitally (yech?) on the internet.
The WGBH (89.7) live feeds from both Symphony Hall AND their own studios are superb: very well miked and without compression.
OTOH the general programming on WCRB (102.5) can be SEVERELY compressed! I asked one of their broadcast engineers at a live feed once why their signal was so bland, and was told that "the owner insisted that EVERY note be audible in a car on the highway". So only 10dB of dynamic range?! So there's a difference!
Subaruguru- you're right 'crb does have some execution problems (most of their programming is from hard disk they tell me) but unfortunately the Friday afternoon broadcast time on WGBH does not permit me to listen to the BSO broadcasts. Victor Campos of Adcom used to host a show called "adventures in sound" that featured great performances on GBH as I recall. The Sat night concerts on WCRB are much better with good frequency response, depth and dynamics, as the Beethoven attested.
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1670 AM Allston Brighton Free Radio, part15 and webcasting at www-abfreeradio-org (Allston Brighton is a Boston neighborhood). You obviously can't get 1670 even in every part of Allston/Brighton. However, due to impending webcasting fees, we're making a push to broadcast local bands/performances of any kind. Many of these will be unsigned acts, or from small labels. We made an arrangement for use of a space and a link to our studio. We'll be way far from audiophile quality, as our budget is what people donate. However, you'll hear more unique live performances from us. The live music department has just been formed, so give us some time to get the schedule up. However, some shows have already begun having acoustic artists in studio.
Furthermore, there's no subsitute to actually attending a live performance. If you can't find shows of your liking in NH, check listings for shows in Cambridge/Boston. They may be worth the trip. I travel from Boston to Providence or NYC for some shows.

1670 AAAAY EMMMM?! Is all the FM space used up? I mean, listen to those MIT clowns down at 88.1...the FCC's gotta let you in! Have fun. I'll check you out on my Subie radio, somewhere in the static and sunspot stuff!