What Liquid in PAD interconnects?

Does anyone know what filling liquid is used in Purist Audio Design interconnect cables?
Held against light, I can see a blue tinted liquid which is, in my case quite depleted in my Elementa i/c.
Purist Audio advised it be factory refilled at a fee.
Anyone knows better?
Interesting idea.

hey, maybe that's that snke oil we hear so much about??

best I could find 9from enjoythemusic.com):

"contains a proprietary mix of metallic ions that almost certainly must both shield and absorb interferences"

So, looks like the factory has you by the short ones.

Is it possible for you to compare sound between filled/empty cables?

Thanks KP. I'll check further from your lead.
Purist Audio Design do provide refills free-of-charge to the original owner, but to others there is a $25 fee. Owner to provide own shipping. I live in Singapore and there is no PAD rep. here.
I bought the Elimenta used at a low price, so refilling them myself is a good option. I already figured how the filling can be done, provided i can identify the liquid.
And KP, to answer your question partially, even at it's depleted state the Elementa is a good sounding for my tuner output. It removes a lot of roungh edges from the FM reception.
I'll post further progress later.
Perhaps I missed something? You got the Purist cables for a good price and are now concerned with paying $25.00 to have the factory check them out, repair them and replace the fluid?

That sounds like a good price and a solid investment to me.
I agree with Albert. While i know that shipping might be a bit more from Singapore, sending them back to the factory for an "annual inspection" and "oil change" seems like cheap insurance. That is in comparison to what these cables cost new or what it would take to replace them. Sean
Sorry, been away for a while.
Purist Audio will release the Elementa Rev C this summer, so I don't wish to do any repairs right now. I am assuming the Rev C would be a better sounding cable, or I might find another notch up used Purist Audio. Owners tend to let go their prized posessions when the new version is available.
Listening to FM tuner is not priority for me, so I wait a little longer and see what i can come up with in this part of the world in the next few months.
My system comprises:
Sugden Signature 41 PreAmp with Maestro II i/c.
Sugden Audition Cdp with Maestro i/c.
Creek T43 FM tuner with PAD Elementa i/c.
Cayin 9084D S.E.Triode Monoblocks PwrAmps(with 300B interstage & 845 output tubes)driving Dynaudio 72 through AQ Midnight 2 cables.
Chang Lightspeed CLS 6400-ISO & various powerchords.

Thanks to all for the advices given.