What line stage preamp to use with BEL MKIII amp?

I just purchased a BEL 1001 MKIII. Does any one have any suggestions of what line stage preamp to match with this amp. I have a Rowland Coherence One Series 2 preamp at the moment and I no longer need a phono stage so I have been thinking about going with a line stage only. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Try for The Klyne System 7.

Where you buy your BEL amps? New or Used?

ARC Ref 2 MkII or just released Hovland HP 200.
Get you BELs from Brooks Berdan Ltd., Monrovia Ca.
I have BEL MK111A Power Amps that I am using as dual monoblocks. I would be interested in how you feel the Rowland Coherence One Preamp matched with your BEL power amp. I had been using a Thor Preamp with Phono Stage, which I recently sold, that IMHO did not match particularly well with the rest of my system.

I am seeking ideas, opinions, or suggestions for a preamp with phono stage that might work well with my BEL amps and Audio Physic Avanti Speakers. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

For the past 2 years I have used a Sonic Frontiers Line 2 SE with a pair of BEL 1001 Mk IV amps. I am extremely pleased with this combination. I previously used an Acurus RL-11 linestage with the BEL amps. The improvement in sound after replacing the Acurus with the SF Line 2 was huge - better bass and much more detail and resolution. Additionally, the HT bypass on the SF Line 2 allowed me to seamlessly integrate my 2 channel system with a 7.1 home theater system.
Thanks for your suggestions. I bought my BEL 1001 MKII on Ebay from a person in NY state. I had a BEL 1001 MKI in 1985 and should have kept it. I have had many amps since that original MKI but IMHO nothing was as satisfying sonically and the MKIII is a great improvment over the MKI.
The Rowland Coherance One Series II mates really well with my BEL. The synergy between preamp and amp is a tricky marriage sometimes and buying without audition can be very dissapointing at times. I found this out with the Electrocompaniet AW60 FTT amp that I had before the BEL 1001 MKIII. Matched with the Rowland preamp everything sounded lifeless and dynamics were lacking. With the BEL it was a complete turnaround. I highly recommend Dick Brown's amps and if I get a chance will be biamping.
Well I decided to keep my vinyl collection. After picking up an AR ES-1 turntable and listening to see what I would be losing by going with just the digital source, sanity prevailed. Now I'm on the look out for a Rega tonearm to replace the stock AR arm. Does anyone know who manufactured the AR stock arm?