What length digital cable?

OK, at this point I'm fairly confused over what length digital cable to use. The manufacturer asserts that "shorter is better." Some Audiogon members agree, but others have put forth reasonable arguments to the contrary. What do you think?

My DAC/transport are CAL Alpha/Delta and the current digital cable is a 1/2 meter Kimber Illuminations D-60. Please weave that into the thread if possible.

Looking forward to the responses. Thanks!
I read some manfacturer propaganda not too far back that stated that the minimum length of a digital cable is 1.0 m. Unfortunately, I don't recall the reasoning they used and I have since thrown the lit. away. If anyone is interested I could come up wiht the name. It was not one of the "popular" manfacturers though. Thanks, Doug
I used the CAL Delta / Sigma with a 1/2 Meter Silver Kimber Cable (KAGC?? -- 180 1/2M retail). In my time with this setup I tried several other cables and could resolve minute differences in cable, but not in length (never went longer than 2M per others recommendations). The only cables I could resolve a difference cost $500 and above retail.... Never went with them because the $$ for change was too much. Got much more bang for the buck going with High End cables between the DAC and the Pre-amp.
I read some similar manufacturer propaganda to what doug mentioned, but I thought that the minimum length they recommended was 1.5M. They said that the digital signal would ring in the cable, and if the cable was shorter than 1.5M, the echo in the cable would interfere with the original signal. The 1.5M length was long enough to dampen the ringing or delay it such that it didn't interfere with the original signal. I don't remember their exact reasoning. I also found it interesting after having stated such, they still sold cables of 0.5M, 1.0M etc.
Kimber themselves recommend 1.5 meter lengths yet still sell shorter versions. Then again, as a business owner, i can relate. You can tell a customer what you think or know will work best, but that doesn't mean that's what they want to hear or will do. Like anybody else, they're simply taking the money while it's there. Sean
Panzercat's post is what I've heard as well, and it confirms what my dealer and I felt we heard after a number of months of empirical listening using different lengths of the same cable--roughly 1-1/2 meter lengths seemed to sound a little better. Kimber claims that .75 meter works as well as 1.5 meters for their KS2020, and that's what I've used from my DVD player for 24/96 discs with no problems I can detect. So who really knows....