What Krell amp/Pre, CD unit match the B&W N802's?

I just bought a B&W Nautilus 802's and not sure which brand of an amp,pre-amp,CD unit I would use to fully utilize it's full benefit. I thought of Krell that I wouldn't go wrong since its one of the most prestigious name on the audiophile market.

What would you recommend the least price and model from Krell and still utilize the B&W 802's use to its max?
Any alternate brand perhaps more powerful but inexpensive and still compare with Krell in performance?

Thanks and I appreciate the help.
Have a good day.

I am sorry to let you know that your B&WN802's are so good that the better Krell that you can afford, the more you will realize from you N802's.

I've never heard the B&W's with the Master Reference Series amps, but I am sure that it would make them sing; probably better than ANYTHING else.

I have owned several different Krell amps to run my B&W speakers, and the better the amp, the better the sound.

I am powering my B&W N802 with a pair of Krell 350mcx monoblocks. My preamp is the Mark Levinson #32 and I have the Accuphase DP100/DC101 SACD combo. My interconnects and speaker cables are Nordost Valhalla XLR and Siltech Emperor. The sound is open, the soundstage is wide, the bass is fast (typical of Krell), and I like it very much in my 15x15 room. I heard the new B&W Signature 800 in a showroom and it sounds richer than the N802.
I also have the N802's. It's not unusual to be able to hear 802's matched with Krell amplification. The new Krell amps are certainly much better to my ear than the Krell products I heard a couple of years ago.

I purchased Simaudio's W-5 and P-5 a few months ago. The W-5 is more than enough amp to control the 802's. Maybe even more impressive is the P-5 preamp. You might want to investigate Simaudio's products.

For the CDP I use a Cary Audio 303-200. I'm sure there are better but I'm also real sure there are worse. It seems to match well with the amp and preamp.

Good luck in your search.
Power is a must not for volume but for control, I would recommend a used FPB200 or 300, the Classe CA300 or 400 are also a great match. I find that an Audio research preamp with a krell amp is a beautiful match oh and be sure ot biwire I've used SPM reference single and biwired and it makes a huge difference.