What kind of music do you like to hear the most?

What kind of music do you like to listen to? I like the melody of deep, gentle pop ballads. Here are the pop songs I usually listen to every day:
Ik Hou Van Mij – Tabitha
De Overkant – Suzan, Freek, Snelle
Oostenwind – Nick & Simon
Smooth Jazz
County Western
Coral Island music..

Not in that order, don't ask me why.. my ears just like it..

I'm Old..

BUT I'm not wore out.. DANCE!!!!

Olay.. Hat on the floor.. I slowly walk around the hat to the beat of the music.. my faithful companion (the dog) slowly follows..

Yes my friend....  DANCE..

As I get older, I listen to more and more classical music.  My semi large collection allows me to pull out just about any genre I care to hear, and I love it all. Country, jazz, pop, punk, rock, soul, world music, opera.  @ Oldhvymec.  There is nothing more pathetic than old geezers dancing around the hat or dancing at all!   I do it all the time.
As I get older I like to lay it all on the line and lean towards death metal. 🥸
Rock and Jazz, but mostly Rock.  The same things I liked when I was much younger. 
Love Mickey Katz,classical and Muddy Waters.
Oldhvymec.  There is nothing more pathetic than old geezers dancing around the hat or dancing at all!   I do it all the time


Look at my dance partner...Bow Wow. Us old guy can't be choosers!!

Honestly though.. I love to dance.. Me and the mail lady dance all the time, sometimes the mail man.  My mother use to love to dance, I guess that's why.. Hugh square dance event's. Right on into the Cha cha cha..
She didn't care...:-)

Muddy Waters... Oh heck yea!

I been really liking Lenny Kravitz, lately.. That dude can get with it, tight band, dang..

Good for ya... Tap Tap.. Samba...


Genre is far less important for me than artistic expression.  My only criterion is whether the music emotionally gets under my skin. Putting it another way, I like both vanilla and chocolate.  But strawberry?  Nevahhhhhh!
What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Good music. Duh.
Classical (occ. jazz).  I like country and 50s/60s rock too--I just don't play it except in the cheap-ass cd-player of my '88 station wagon.   (Ah dancing!   I remember that!  Maybe next summer).
There are no dumb questions, only dumb answers.
Sometimes, especially late at night, I like to listen to really good music.
Mostly jazz from the 50’s to early 60’s and classical, with a bit of classic rock thrown in for good measure. That said, my collection is rather eclectic and I do partake in other genres as the mood strikes. 
Wow...I had to stop and think a minute. Yes, as I get older I'm listening to classical music more often but I'm also educating myself with David Hurwitz's excellent You Tube channel. Tonight I started off with Charles Ives Symphony No 2, a piece I discovered 40 years ago, followed by Lou Harrison's Solstice Ballet, right now it's Joshua Redman's Walking Shadows....and I'm certain that there will be Sarah Jarosz's truly beautiful World On The Ground before I go to bed. The only thing I don't listen to much anymore is rock....but there is always time for Little Feat.
Old electronic/industrial (I'm over 60)
Listen to this on your Super Stereo (recommend not to loud - not to low)
Throbbing Gristle's 50 Jazz Funk Greats  
Hot On Heels of Love (Remastered)
a side note: The album cover photo is at the cliff famous for it's suicides

ebm -- Mickey Katz? Love the guy. I still have the Katz Pajamas LP (in stereo!) my dad gave me and my sister when we were kids. I have a 45 rpm single of the guy's Come On-A My House I salvaged from my dad's collection.  It's amazing how often Katz' craziness courses through my noggin.  Klezmer Music on Krack.
My go to is blues with loud distorted guitar. Stevie Ray and like artists 
Then guitar instrumentals 
Gary Hoey
Buckethead and like artists

then classic rock
all artists 
"There are only two kinds of music, Jazz and s**t." ~Branford Marsalis
"There are only two kinds of music, Jazz and s**t." ~Branford Marsalis

i love jazz, listen to it most of the time - but such a comment must be in jest, or else it is shockingly narrowminded...
Pop tunes are always in the hearts of people and are loved by many people. beltonen pop gratis downloaden
As a kid, playing Mom & Dads records;  lots of blues records, Clarence brown, buddy guy, BB king, howlin wolf, + many more...,  Elvis, beach boys, Beatles, lots of old country , hank Williams, Merle haggard, will Nelson etc etc. have a great base of good music, then I started hangin with my older cousin, he introduced me to thin lizzy, Black Sabbath, coven, deep purple, nektar, Donovan, Rob dylan, many others,!

 Then I heard Paul Samson, my life changed, the British metal explosion hit me like a ton of bricks,  then onto Judas Priest, Y&T, kiss (they were ok)
 then the true metal scene enveloped me, and I’ve not looked back.
mercyful fate
metallica & Megadeth (Mustaine, being the better of the two bands)
and every metal band from the early 80s’ til now (although the only metal I really get into now are those retro thrash bands playing 80’s thrash into the 2000-2020

but after a Napalm Death/carcass/1349 concerts, I find myself listening to John Denver/Donovan/humble pie on the way home.