What kind of listening chair

Should your critical listening chair be high-back, low-back, or a stool?  Wood, leather, or fabric?
The Herman Miller Charles Eames chair is a good one and several models of Stressless recliners from the Norway company, Ekornes.

Eames Lounge and Ottoman - Lounge Chair - Herman Miller


There are several other good chairs and a great number of bad ones. There are a lot of noise making machines that will never appear on AudiogoN, in fact most are appliances. I owned a high end furniture store for decades and sold much of the best from all over the world. Furniture is no different than restaurants. For every great restaurant there are thousands of "me too" burger places with drive up windows. I have never been in a town where the best restaurant had a drive up window. Or been in a Wal-Mart or Sears with SOTA audiophile stereo components...and yes, any Sears will sell more noise makers in a week than the audiophile store in that town does in a year.

Normally the one the dog is in.
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It is a very old design. My parents had one back in the late 60's. Very comfortable. After about 10 years it started to delaminate in the sharp curve from bottom to side. I have an Italian leather sofa that is 32 years old, been moved twice, lived through two kids and looks like the day we bought it. I doubt the Lazy Boy will go that long but I have to say, the leather is just as good. My daughter wants the sofa. She is trying to talk me into getting theater seating. Kids.
As with most things, it is good to sit in a chair before buying.  The Eames chair appears to have a headrest, but it is not.

"The Eames lounge chair doesn't have a headrest. It looks like it does due to the fact that it's rarely photographed in such a way as to figure out scale. The top of the chair back is 32" from the floor. For reference the average upholstered chair has a back height of 32 - 35".