What kind of listening chair

Should your critical listening chair be high-back, low-back, or a stool?  Wood, leather, or fabric?
No-back is optimum for SQ, but not for long listening sessions. If your room is lively, avoid leather. 
I'll second MC's post.  Headrest should be lower than your ears, otherwise, go for support and comfort--fabric would be better than leather or vinyl for less sound rebound.  

Low back for sure. Your ears should be well above the back. No leather, fabric or wood is better. 
Millercarbon is spot on. And it fits well with his philosophy that “everything matters”. In this case, comfort. 
High back....nothing but reflections behind you! Speakers should be on long wall and seating position on short against rear wall.  Reduces standing waves and reflections.  Speakers as far apart and toed out as far as center fill allows.  Sit lower than normal if possible and closer than typical triangle setup.  All aspects of listening enjoyment will be improved!