What kind of listener are you?

I'm an All-Arounder: Equal parts Analytical, Thrill, and Feeling. Push comes to shove feeling matters most, but they are all very close to equally important to me. 

This is a very useful breakdown of a very complex subject, listening. How we listen to and evaluate components and systems. 

What kind of listener are you?
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The more one knows, the more one knows there's more to know.

Not 'dumber', cheeg....'enlightened'....;)
fusian -- Thanks for the article.  And yeah, it seems that dude knew what he was talking about....
For thrill and feeling, there are many songs that will never sound better, to me, than they did when we heard them the first time on the radio in our cars or at the beach or wherever.  Most rock music I grew up with fits into this category.   I became an “amateur audiophile” - emphasis on amateur - as my tastes evolved to classical and jazz music.
Our ancestors beating on a log only cared if their Gods listened. Well maybe it got the blood flowing, scared off the gnarly beasts, and meant a good night's sleep. 
Depends what I happen to be focused on at the moment.