what kind of cables should i use for my Cremonas?

I have a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona M, VTL 5.5 preamp and a mark levinson no.29 amp.

budget is around 2-3k for all cables ( 1 pair of 3m speaker cables, 1 1m xlr, and 1 1m RCAs).
I have AZ Absolute interconnects and speaker cable. Very fast with lots of detail, but not edgy or bright. These cable brought my system to a new level. I tried a bunch of different cables in a bunch of different combo's, but in this system and to my ears these were hands down the winners.
VTL, preamps are not a good match with SS amps,

will sound dull and very dry, lacking detail and punch,
if you are matching VTL 5.5, with solid state amps, dont'waist your time trying to make it sound good,
I whent through the same ordeal, and after spending a small fortune on NOS tubes without any success, replaced my Belles amp for Quick silver V4 amps, and I,m in heaven;
How does your system sounds with that match up?
I have a friend who uses Siltech wires on his Strads.

Pricey but very nicey.