What kind of cables do you use on AR9ls speakers?

I recently received an old pair of AR9ls speakers from my grandfather, and wanted to hook them up to my TV. However, I don’t know what kind of cable I need to do so. I figure RCAs are what I need, but I wanted to be sure before buying them. I don’t want to destroy the speakers or my TV. Any help anyone can provide would be extremely appreciated. The cheaper solution, the better.
Turns out that one is an AR9lsi, so same question, just two different versions of the speaker.
The universal rule with plugs is if the plugs fit together they can be used together. If all you want is cheap and safe then yes it really is that simple.
The ARlsi is a large 4-driver speaker which requires a high-current amp to play loudly (impedance falls below 4 ohms in the bass). Do you have an amp capable of this? Do not try to run it off a TV with an anemic built-in amp!
Go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy enough two-conductor 14 gauge zip cord to run from amp to each speaker. It will sound the same as any much more costly boutique speaker cable! I speak from long experience! Don't fall for the hype of the "golden ear" crowd! 
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Check the foam surrounds on the drivers! Old foam often rots away! There are kits available on eBay to re-foam the AR9lsi. These are probably the best speakers that AR made!