What kind of cable do I need

I have a panasonic DMB-PD35 blue ray player and want to know what kind of cable to get to connect to a dac. It has a LAN output.
Pal you have something I've not seen on an audio component.
A "LAN" connector is typically an RJ-45 8-pin style which is normally a balanced connection. You'll need to get the pinout from the manufacturer first. Then you may need to build your own cable. Does your DAC have a balanced input is the next thing you need to know, and what's the connector type? A Cannon plug (a.k.a XLR) uses pins 2 and 3 I believe for a balanced input.
Do you mean the DMP-BD35K? According to Panasonic's website, this and the other network connection are for BD-Live compatible devices and allow you to connect your player to both the internet (to obtain BD-Live info, firmware updates, etc...) as well as sharing your player content/output to other devices on your home network (if you believe all the marketing sheets and manual say).

For analog 7.1 ch output (after the Panasonic decodes) the player has straight 7.1 RCA analog outputs for connection to your pre-amp or receiver.

For Digital outputs, it states it has TOS-Link (fiber optic) and Coaxial (S/PDIF) connectors as well as HDMI
output for best-quality output to your surround processor and/or DAC.
The LAN connection uses an ethernet cable for broadband hookup to a computer.Read your manual,it contains lots of useful info.
Thanks for the help. I see the BD35 only has the optical output for digital. The model up BD55 has thi coaxial output also.
According to the manual, the BD35K has both Coax and TOS Link. Is the BD35 an older model? If it only has TOS Link then you'll use that to go into your DAC. This presumes you are only looking for 2-channel (unless your DAC does more than that).