what kind of audiophile are you ?

since it is obvious that a boom box or car radio is all that is necessary for most people to enjoy music, hobbyists have other objectives.

as i see it, there are three types of audiophiles:

1) equipment fanatics
2) compulsive pursuers of accuracy
3) aesthetic appreciators of instrumental timbre

i am type 3) person, which one are you ?
The two things that drive me are music appreciation, and cost effectiveness. I'm all about getting the best bang for the buck. It's my scots heritage coming through.
Since I can enjoy systems of very different characteristics, I have to say that I don't persue perfect sound as such. I think I'm just obsessed with audio; healthier, than being so with guns or cliff diving.
Love music. Have a lot of respect and appreciation for musicians that through their performance and talent submerge me in the state of mind that I can't explain.

Equipment for music reproduction, well....if it gets me closer to that state and gives me goosebumps, I get it - fast. Don't care about name, don't care about esthetics, value is always a factor but sometimes, not often you hear a peace that will poison your way of thinking and a little devil on your shoulder convinced you that you must have it. Then - contract with evil is legally sign and in most cases it is for 18 months no interest.
Type V = Sicko!!!!!!!!!!
Lucky for me that we are moving next month & I wont be spending another dime (here on agon) until next year!
I normally spend anywhere between $1K & $25K a month on this site.
Moving everything I now own & have & bought here could prove to be fatal!
If my wife only knew that both "our" systems (her 7.1 H/T system & my 2 channel rig) we have cost me more that the house we just bought - I would be dead right now!
I usually buy very high end & esoteric pieces (upgrades) that I know that will not only sound right/better & look great in either system.
Warm up the Ferrari & dive me to the poor house!
Think I'm good until 1/1/08.