What kind of audio furniture . . .

. . . would you recommend for my components that i would like to keep in their same location? (please see my virtual system) my budget is maybe $500.

granted, it sounds really very good with all the components on the floor, but i am most concerned about leaving the tt on the front as shown.

I made my rack(see my system) with parts from 8020,Inc..You can configure your rack and order parts direct or they have an ebay store.Several high end rack manufacturers that sell here on A'gon use these parts.I bought my maple shelves from Overstock.com.I have about $300.00 invested,you could build a nice rack with your budget.Good luck.
WOW, thanks for the tip; very cool setup, btw.
Are you thinking about keeping everything as low as possible, with a place for the TT above the other components?
@Ericjcabrera: Don't forget about Ikea! You also might to check out Salamnder Designs, but it seems like Tpreaces knows where to get some of the parts. ;)

@Tpreaves: Thanks for the information! I'm definitely going to check out some of these parts. I was not aware they existed. Very cool!
Hello. I recently found a design on TNT diy that you may want to look at. It's a little bare bones but I used marble slabs and 3/4 inch stainless all thread and I am quite pleased. It would be real easy to make out of wood.
Samhar, yes, I would like to keep everything low, below the screen for obvious reasons. But also, everything seems to sound better when located low to the floor anyway.

Ballen, Ikea? hmm, food for thought.

Kollert, I will have to google tnt diy, thnx.
Madison Media Stand leaves ya 445 bucks left over for LPs...
I asked because I get reflections off my rack and the equipment on it and was going to suggest keeping everything as low as possible. I'd try to stay below the electrical plugs except for the TT and I'd keep it as low as possible. You will improve the sound when everything gets on a rack, cleaner hi's better defined bass etc................
Below is a long thread on DIY rod-n-block racks. It can be done more cheaply than I did it, if you avoid brass parts. I quite like mine. Lots of flexibility in configuration. John

Sanus Natural Foundations audio racks look good, minimize vibration, and have plenty of air space. I am very happy with mine!
SYMPOSIUM ISIS IS THE BEST he can make you an ULTRA shelf for the top.
8020 stuff works real well. Can be made to be fully adjustable (shelves) and modular (you can add height/width to it as you go). I went with an 8020 system with suspended maple shelves.

If you go to a moderate to large 80/20 system or have heavy power amps of 100-200 lbs, just be a little careful of the load you need to bear. 8020 or their local distributors can help with that.