what kind of amp. are good for b&w 802d that will not cost my arm and legs?

Hello all, I'm very new to this... so please help and give me some advise.
i have 2 b&w 802 D for my L and R front speakers  and 2 b&w cm8 s2 for my back L and R.
also have 2 b&w for the celling, i have a Yamaha rx 3050 receiver. I have not hook them up yet. 
my question is...... do i need an amplifier? and what kind amp should i look for? (that will not cost to much.) 
and do i need any thing els beside an amplifier ?  if i do need..... please tell me what brand and what model should i look for. one last thing.... what kind of speakers wire should i get? All the speakers i have is a second hand , some i got it from eBay some from craigslist. that why I'm afraid to go tho store like best buy to ask question.

i know all this question it might sound very stupid to some people, i hope some body can help and can give me a good advise.

( sorry my english is not good )

The 802ds are very good speakers that will benefit greatly from a better amplifier than is in the Yamaha.  Ditto w speaker wires.   For wires and interconnects, stay away from Best Buy; that kind of stuff is their biggest mark-up item.  Best if you give us a budget of what you can spend.  Those speakers in particular are very revealing and will benefit the most from putting most of your money in a good amplifier. 

you could start w/ Rotel components. Other gear that will cost more is Classe'  and Mark Levinson. Transparent cables/cords are a sonic match as well.  Best advice- go to your local dealer/retailer and listen, listen, and listen to the various electronics.
Have used Bryston amps and Transparent cabling with various B&W speakers with good results. The 4BSST might be a starting point at pre-owned pricing. They are a good value play cost/quality/warranty.
Sunfire Sig-600 will pull them at with ease. It's best amp. Face the fact: it did no depreciate since it was manufactured and even increased the used price within the past few years. The sound is to dream for so far best among the same class. Built quality is incredible and does not produce any heat. It only uses 30W of idle power so can be on 24/7.

What do you want to do with all of this?  Is this for 2 channel stereo or surround sound movie theater?  With so many speakers it sounds like a home theater set-up.  If that is so then you will need a 5 or 7 channel receiver of very good quality and as suggested stay away from Best Buy.  Find a good dealer who does home theater to help fill in the gaps and answer your questions.

If you are doing a 2 channel system then you will need a good quality preamplifier and power amplifier or an integrated amplifier with quality source such as CD player or a music streamer plus the good cables.

Decide which direction you are going in and people on this website will be most patient and helpful.  We just need to understand your goals.
Do you have a manual for the Yamaha rx 3050 receiver and where did you buy it? You can drive all your speakers from this receiver, since it contains a 150 watt amplifier.

Going by the info on the following website, you can run up to 7 speakers, 2 ceiling speakers, plus a subwoofer. You will need to use the menu on the receiver to setup your system (the manual will explain everything).

The B&W 802 D’s need a lot of power to drive them to their full potential, so I’m not sure of the results you will get with this amp. However, you should start by setting up the front and rear speakers and see how the system sounds. The front 802 D’s may need a higher gain setting than the rear speakers. (that means they need more power than the cm8’s).
If you need help with setup, you can call Yamaha.

For some good, affordable speaker cables, try Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 with banana plugs.
thank you so much every body !!!!

Check out the Krell Foundation preamp/processor pared with the Chorus 5200 Amplifier...AWESOME sounding.  Detail, speed, multi-hour listenable audio bliss.