What kind of 12ax7's are these fellas ?

Going thru a late cousins Ham tubes I found a pair of 12ax7
with a orange globe inside an elongated oval,the only wording was Made in Germany.
I just acquired a modded PAS 3 pre and these sound much more refined to me than the JJ12ax7's that came with it,which to me are over the top"punchy" and bass heavy,although adequate I guess.
Im just guessing but I think they are Telefunken or Amperex.
I'm not an expert but if the logo looks like these they're Amperex.
When Philips bought Amperex they were sourcing their tubes from various other makers, EI, Mullard, Simens, etc. There should be a Philips code etched into the glass on your Amperex branded 12AX7s and this will tell you who the actual manufacturer of the tubes was.
Telefunken's will have a "diamond" molded in the glass between the pins
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