What just happened to accepting Paypal?? looks like they are trying to drive us away

i may have over reacted... for some reason PayPal wants to drive me into a business account. Looks like the fees are the same so not sure what that is all about, I'm just suspicious by nature

If you switch to a business account which is pretty easy you get a merchant ID, enter it here, and move on. If you don't want to do that then they make it very complicated to fill out forms, etc. I gave up and switched to business, made up a bogus business name and am moving on...
I tried to hook up with Stripe, and got into a mess. Seems that Stripe collects it's user fees by means of a third party, "NEXWAY". Probably by checking a box unintentionally, my PP credit account was charged for $329. That got me pretty excited. I requested a full refund from NEXWAY, and it came through. Point here is, that I never saw an option for accepting or an explanation of this charge. 
Fraudulent sellers are avoiding PayPal like the plague, as their buyer protection forces them to refund purchases of faulty / damaged / counterfeit and otherwise illegitimate items. 
My advice is to steer clear of any seller who doesn’t want to do a transaction via PayPal. That is a red flag 🚩 that the seller is fraudulent. 
Where are things at on this Audiogon/PayPal issue?  Are folks using the work-around, are they setting up merchant accounts, or are they doing something else?  I have not sold here since this came up and I just listed some expensive stuff on another site but I do plan to try listing something less expensive here to see how things work.
The “workaround” is BS. I am neither a merchant or Audiogon dealer. I’m a private seller and don’t need not want to register as anything other than that. 

My guess is the I. R. S. and or state agencies are trying to collect. 

This may cost Audiogon a member.