What just happened to accepting Paypal?? looks like they are trying to drive us away

i may have over reacted... for some reason PayPal wants to drive me into a business account. Looks like the fees are the same so not sure what that is all about, I'm just suspicious by nature

If you switch to a business account which is pretty easy you get a merchant ID, enter it here, and move on. If you don't want to do that then they make it very complicated to fill out forms, etc. I gave up and switched to business, made up a bogus business name and am moving on...
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Being ‘Verified’ as seller or buyer is a good thing and adds extra security. I don’t deal with anyone that has not gone through PayPal ‘Verified’ process. Too much fraud out there and if you’re not careful, you can easily get burned.

PayPal is nothing but simply a middle man collecting their fee on every transaction. You need to do your diligence to protect yourself.
I have been using Audiogon for over 10 years and never had a problem using PayPal for sending or receiving funds.
I contacted PayPal today and they told me they are Not requiring your merchant ID number to continue paying/receiving funds through Audiogon. No other site that I use PayPal for transactions, including Ebay, is asking for this information.
Yes.  I just spent one entire hour to complete a purchase here on  Audiogon.  What a pain!  Two weeks ago, it took less than a minute. This evening I had to call PayPal to see what was going on, and it turns out it is Audiogon not PayPal.  Thankfully the seller phastm3 was wonderful and understanding as I apologized for all the trouble. I was embarrassed, thinking he thought I was a fraud or didn’t really have the credit to purchase the item.  Really, Audiogon, you should tell us all what is going on and fix this problem!
Agreed it seems like it is driven just by Audiogon as when I saw this yesterday I too called PayPal and got the same answer.
C,Mon audiogon what are you playing at now??
So in order to complete the transaction I ended up having to send payment directly to the sellers email account associated with his PayPal account.  Others may have to do the same if they want to make a purchase here.
a conspiracy theorist might assume that Audiogon was trying to force us over to Stripe, whatever that is. But I passed along these concerns to Audiogon and was promised they would try to get answer on Monday
And do not forget that eBay are also trying to force customers away from PayPal too with their "managed payments" system which they say ALL sellers will be enrolled in by 2020 thereby leaving PayPal out in the cold for millions of transactions.

Guess it was an ugly divorce after all...….
Same issue here, this is what I’ve got from Audiogon’s customer service:
"There is no question that this is being required by PayPal but most of the time their customer support is not aware of these things. It is going to be implemented on many sites that use PayPal.
It surprises us how often they give out inaccurate information via PayPal support."
Same issue. Moving on to another site. Too much trouble (the "find your merchant ID" thing didn’t work) and they are probably just setting up an increase in fees for "businesses" in the future. Honestly Audiogon is hosting way too many dealer ads now and they repost all the time so if you are a daily viewer, you keep seeing the same equipment all the time on the newly posted sort.
I spent two hours just trying to list my components today.  I got frustrated also because they wanted me to be a business owner and then sign up with stripe>  I was nervous about stripe.  I don't get it.  I wanted to pay with a credit card my fee and they would not let me.  Really frustrated.  I am waiting to hear from Audiogon.

I did not have too much of an issue with using the Merchant ID thing but I have just sold an item here in the last 20 minutes so NOW will be the real test.
Will I get paid via Paypal or not.
We will see...…..
I sold something unaware of the PayPal/Merchant ID issue and my buyer could not pay.  I followed the instructions sent by Audiogon to get the Merchant ID without upgrading to a Business account. I pasted and saved the ID in my Account Profile. The buyer still cannot complete the transaction and I've asked Audiogon for further assistance. What a pain...

I did mine PRIOR to selling an item but looks like I am also stuck now in the same boat with buyer unable to complete.

Sorry Audiogon but looks like that might have been the last nail in your sales coffin for myself.

Thanks for that info.  Like you this might be my last sale here given the fees are very high and now this. It's a shame, I've been on here since 2001 and Audiogon has been slowly declining for the individual seller.
On PayPal transactions there is a fee,  typically 3% for domestic transactions.  If the customer wants to return the item bought paypal credited the fee they charged you back to the customer as well end result being that the customer would get a full refund.  

As of the middle of next month this goes away so a full refund is not happening.  Later on they will probably tag on a fee to refund the money as well.

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You are correct.
Just another reason to avoid PayPal altogether.
At this rate I will go back to waiting and sending a USPS money order in the mail!
my experience so far

tried to list an item accepting PayPal and was required to get Merchant ID... tried to do it without "upgrading" to  business account but the process is so convoluted I gave up and upgraded... listed item and sold it a few days later via PayPal and the money is in my PayPal account

so I would say so far so good but I, like some of you, am very skeptical about what the next step will be as I can't believe they are doing this without some other motive, which seems to me will involve extracting more money from me
Are you guys serious? Am I reading this correctly? It will be necessary for both myself as a seller and for my buyers to adopt PayPal Business accounts so that we can complete simple transactions for items being sold on this site?
I have been buying and selling here for almost 20 years and have a hard time believing this. Was there no general announcement from Audiogon explaining what they were doing and why? Did I miss something?
Geoff, are you not already a business?
As far as I am aware there was just a tiny header popped up when I logged into the Gon about 5 days ago and that was it.
No large blurb or even an email would have been nice.
I guess if you missed it well then you missed it as far as the Gon is concerned.
And I refuse to sign up as business just to satisfy PayPal because I AM NOT a business and never will be.

Basically.... screw PayPal...….
"Audio Mart sucks."

I have bought and sold tens of thousands of dollars in audio stuff... without so much as a hiccup in doing so...with no fees mind you...  A+ in my book! 
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Yeah, I am stuck in a current transaction that I am unable to complete the checkout process on. I have entered my merchant ID, unclear how this will resolve because apparently both parties need to have it if I’m understanding correctly? No "heads-up", no email outlining new policies, no prompt whatsoever from Audiogon or PayPal other than what I’m finding here from a Google search. This will be my last Audiogon purchase.
Between how much the selling fees have risen here in the last couple of years, and now this, I just won't sell here anymore. If Paypal insists on this for other sites, I will close out my account and be done with them too. Money orders work just fine. 
Audio Mart is underrated.  I don't get why anyone would want to fork over another unnecessary fee for what should be a free service. 
I don't get why anyone would want to fork over another unnecessary fee for what should be a free service.
Why should advertising be a “free service”? There are certainly costs associated with maintaining this site and I believe this is a business and not a charity or tax-funded government entity.  Did you ever place a for-sale ad in a newspaper - we paid for those too. In terms of advertising power, it is probably the most-viewed audio site for sales of used stuff.....I just hope they don’t screw it up.
I am fairly sure it is all driven by PayPal right now although Audiogon could have done a much better job of letting its members know the deal imho
I am fairly sure it is all driven by PayPal right now
In that case, is eBay doing the same thing?
EBay has already shown PayPal the door as they have their own " managed payments" system which all sellers will be enrolled in by 2020.
Ok, I don't sell there (yet) but I did recently purchase stuff there using PayPal.
eBay must have figured out they can make money off the transactions.
I'm with Mitch too, we can debate all day whether or not the fees charged here are worth it, but the idea that this should be a free service is way off base
Well ebay and paypal got divorced a few years back and I am sure ebay figured out they could make huge money off payments as well as sales fees.
They have undercut paypal rates by a whopping 0.1%, lordy I am going to save so much with ebay……...

Obviously somebody has to pay for a service but the switch to business account is not the right way to handle this.
A quick google search shows Audiogon is not the only site that paypal have targeted to switch over.

However this was handled badly by both paypal and audiogon imho.
We have monitored the frustration and confusion around the recent PayPal changes and wanted to address them directly.

To start, with no warning, PayPal removed the marketplace solution that Audiogon has used for many years, which allowed individuals/hobbyists to sell products using a Personal Account. This is no longer supported. All marketplace PayPal transactions now require both an email address and a merchant ID.

To see your Merchant ID in your PayPal account settings you have to either be a Business Account or a legacy “Premier” Account (which is like a hybrid personal-business account they no longer support).

Obviously, this is not ideal for our users, nor for us. We are requiring our users to adopt this solution, because it is what PayPal has forced us to adopt.

We are actively working on a more elegant solution, but needed to implement changes quickly to alleviate the hundreds of transactions it would impact.

To clarify a few claims and questions we have seen:

1) Yes. You can use a Personal Account to “sell” an item. A regular PayPal support agent may have even told you this. However, it has been communicated to us that for transactions on our site—now that they have removed their marketplace solution—PayPal disallows it. Here is a direct quote from their Merchant Support Team:

“Now, this is the fun part for your personal account clients but I’ve tried to simplify it as the point of personal accounts is not to sell but there is still that sort of secret ability. (PayPal would rather the clients just set up a business account but the ability is still there)…”

Doesn’t make much sense to us, either.

2) There are no differences in the fee structure between a personal and a business account. In addition to the other benefits a Business Account provides, it can hide your email address and name from appearing on the transaction, a privacy matter some users may find appealing.

3) We do not make any money off PayPal transactions, nor from you upgrading to a Business Account. There is no revenue split, or kickbacks. PayPal Transactions happen through PayPal and all the fees are collected by them.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused many of you. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and will do whatever we can to support any issues or address any grievances you may have.
This seems like another data-grab by Paypal.  Do you have to enter extra information when you sign up for a Business Account?
@mitch2 you're welcome. @twoleftears I don't think so, but you may want to contact PayPal just to be sure. 
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Thank you Tammy
Hoped you would be along with an explanation after my post......

Good old PayPal!
They are going to find themselves left out in the cold very soon.
I use my personal paypal account to send money to family.
It's my understanding that that is not available with a business account.
Does this mean I will now need 2 paypal accounts in order to buy/sell on Audiogon?

Friends and Family remittance is still an option on a Business PP account.

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