what isounds best ,crown reference or bryston ssb

i wonder if anyone listened to a crown reference amp who would have compared it to bryston ssb or classe 401 or to mark-levinson 333.thanks for the help
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crown isn't in the same league as the others
jaybo thanks for replying but did you listen to the ref crown series and truly compared it to any hifi amps.pat
i have heard crowns for many years in post production audio facilities and did get to drag one home. at the time they were getting some accolades from consumer audio mags. at the time i had several amps(bryston 3b, mac7300n and a nobis cantible). it was more powerful than all the above, but used on duntechs, and castle winchesters, it was hard sounding. at low volume it had no detail. in the studio its fine...at home however, its not very refined