what isolation under tt,cd ?

I have 3 Townshend Sinks.All 3 have flat tires.They are out of buisness.Alternatives,$500 or less?
I'll sell you some Vibrapod Isolators that cost a heck of a lot less and I'll bet they work as well.Maybe better. And they come with a 30 day money back guarantee. WWW.CJSAUDVID.COM
Cjs, I have both Vibrapods and Sinks. There is no comparison. The Sinks are light years better in a high res system. Both products subtract nasty sounding vibrations but replace it with some degree of muddiness. The Vibrapods add about 10 times as much mud as the Sinks and remove only 65% of the nasties. Plus the Sinks add a liveliness that the Vibrapods do not. Vibrapods are good enough for mid-fi, but my observation reading the posts here at Audiogon is that there is far too much spent on cables in relation to too little spent on vibration control and room treatments. However, you need to be careful that you use the right Sink with each product. The more expensive Sinks do not necessarily mean better sound. Each product reacts differently to each Sink. Avguygeorge, are you sure the flatness is not just the valves - these can be repared, but if the bladder has a leak, they are indeed dead.
Yes,inner flat.I have put soap water on the valves;no bubble.I choose ea for the weight they had to handle.The one under the turn table made the most difference and is missed the most.Are the Bright Star air mass/or big foot sand boxes as good?And yes thank you for the Vibrapod info Mate.With no other help I would have tried,but somehow I figured my solution would be more than 6 bucks.
I use a home made T.T. shelf.On top of the shelf I have a Bright Star Audio Big Rock(sand box) on top of that rests my T.T. I can knock on either the Big Rock or T.T.and hear no noise from the speakers at all.
Thanks Dav.99 I will look for another rock (used I hope) redkwi:What you' use under your data 3 ? I'm the guy 15 mi. from theta.