What isolation feet under your amp with great result?

I'm looking for more cleaner, micro inner details. Not tone control or dynamic.
Amp is 82-lb. TIA
I replaced my Rega turntable feet with Symposiums Rollerback jr+, almost reasonably priced at a nice 20 percent discount, and I do think it changed the sound to the better, more clarity overall, but it also could all be in my head, but who cares it sounds better to my brain which translates into more happiness for me !

Regardless they upped the coolness factor of a really oddly designed TT. The owner lives 15 minutes from me so I can vouch for him amd his product. He's very approachable. And I think they have a return policy. 

Next I was advised to look at decoupling the speakers from their stands with Ansuz DARKZ but they are Uber expensive. Anyone familiar with that product?
After all of my experimenting, I found the best place for the Oreas under the footers of my integrated and SACD player. I was told by Isoacousitcs and musicdirect that directly under the chassis was the best place to start.

No matter where I placed them, using direct contact with the chassis, the highs were affected. I had some wonderful mids and lows having an almost 3D effect but I missed that last bit of air and reach.

Now I have the best of both worlds with just a minor shift back in that 3D effect but all the air, extension and realism that the highs add to the mix. The isolation offers a lot of that see-through into the recording that all the spinning and whatnot of the SACD player masks. The focus just from the integrated is appreciated as well.

On the Black Keys Brothers CD, on one track a guitar is now playing about 5’ to the right of the right speaker, which places it outside my apartment. I have to close my eyes to complete the soundstage image as it’s kind of jarring to just look at it.

On Jacintha’s Jacintha Is Her Name, on the Light My Fire track, the bongos, instead of coming from one point, are coming from three distinct places. Close together, but distinctly separate. I think I’m done tinkering for awhile.
And, like someone else said about their footers, it looks cool to see the gear situated up off the media top shelf, adding a kind of elegance to the whole affair.

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The puck is signed by a buddy of mine that played in a local adult recreational hockey league in Denver.  He scored a hat trick and I asked him to sign and send me the puck.  He never played organized hockey beyond high school.
I had very slight woofer pumping when I was using my Manley Chinook phono stage playing over 80 decibels. I bought a Pass Labs XP-17 phonostage & the woofer pumping was out of control even at mid volume levels.  The floor to ceiling drapes behind the speakers were moving. I tried everything to contain the pumping because I liked the XP-17, but with no success. I then purchased a T+A phono stage (amp is T+A) and have no woofer pumping from playing vinyl. Sound is also even better. System synergy between matching components prevails. 
Absolute Sound just gave the Isoacoustic Orea and Gaia a Golden Ear Award. 80% of the performance of the really high end stuff at 20% of the price.

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