What is your routine for break-in of cd player

There is not a lot of information out there about break-in
of components. Some say leave it on for 24 hours while
others say play for an hour then off for 15 min. No info
in Harley's book nor in Smith's get better sound.
My routine for breaking in a cd player is to connect the cd player to the preamp or integrated, put a cd in the player on repeat and let it play for a week or more.
I agree with Foster_9, though I would say that 24-48 hours spinning the Ayre/Cardas burn in cd should be sufficient.

I like to use track 4 of "Irrational, But Efficacious", the System Enhancer Disc from Ayre Acoustics. Use the repeat function on the player and let 'er rip for about a couple of days. Then, I use real music and let the music disc repeat for another day. This works well for most all components, including cables/cords and contact enhancers.
I second the ayre disk routine,but i listen to music at night then put on track 4 of ayre disk.(Sim 400 hrs at least).
My last couple of CD players arrived just before the start of week long vacations. I put them in the system, put a high energy disk on repeat, and let the system run for 7-10 days unti I returned.

My most recent player was a highly modified Oppo 980 from Rick Shultze at EVS. It sounded like a different player after breaking in for 240 hours in a row.....


I played mine nonstop, alternating cd, the ayre disc and sacd's. Be prepared for mucho hours. I don't think 100hrs is close to optomized on most high end players.
I get out my disco cd's and dance the night away.
I suggest turning the player off at night, while leaving it play in the daytime. Kind of 16 hours on, 8 hours off.

The thermal stress involved during the heat up and cool down cycling seems to both speed up and make for more effective break-in.

Trelja... interesting your thoughts reflecting your experience... this seems to echo my experience with the break-in of cables: PCs, ICs, and SCs. Run them for 12 hours, chill them for an hour, resume burn-in. Seems to work well.

:) listening,


Coat inside and out w/ vegetable oil. Place on upper oven rack, set at 250 deg. F. Leave for 2-3 hrs. Allow to cool. Repeat thrice. Wash gently with soft sponge and mild detergent. At first, avoid use with acidic foods such as tomatoes and onions, until sufficiently carbonized.
Thanks, Ed! I must say I haven't broken in many cables in the past few years (am I missing something by being off the cable merry go round?) since I've gone to this break-in strategy, but I will certainly employ it thanks to you.

I realized another variation of this way I go about the cycling is the one I actually use more often, but same result. Off during the day, while I'm out of the house at work. Then, when I get home, the component goes on, and I often listen for a couple of hours in the evening, then leave it on all night. Again, just before I leave the house for work, I turn it off.