What is your opinion of single driver speakers

Can anyone share their listening experience with Pearl Acoustics Sibelius speakers?


Funny you should ask. I`ve wanted to tryout fill range single drive for a while now so, about 2 months ago I purchased a used set of TangBand W8-2145 8" drives and went about building cabinets. Finished last night and did a serious listen. WOW. These things image like mad and soundstage is WIDE. Bass was pretty weak but I was expecting that. Once I activated my dual SVS sub's everything became even more focused and present. I'm sold. Searching now for even higher end drivers. Wish I could attach a picture, I'm quite proud of them.

I’m also with the direction of observations stated. Accepting a system presents only an impression of musical performance —think “illusion engine”, to borrow from Dick Olsher’s article of something like that title— then minimal is what has worked for me (Moving Iron cartridge requiring no step up, TVC, SET, and fast 8” single drivers mated sufficiently well to a cabinet (or open baffle) design and supported by a fast sub. I have had success with a handily small yet fast and potent KEF KC62 which completely transformed my previously lean listening experience. This system gives a very high level of transparency that projects the beauty of sound and detail in and around music (air and space) I value hearing most.