What is your opinion of Alon Speakers?

I was looking at speakers with external cross-overs because I was told by an audio friend of mine who is a freak about getting the cross-over out of the speakers to eliminate the vibration amoung other issues. The Alon Lotus also has an open baffle for the mid and hi frequencies which I have also read about recently.

Your commnets, comparisions are appreciated as well as alternatives.

I have a pair of Alon I's and Alon Petites and I love them. I don't know anything about internal vs. external crossovers, but my systems both sound great without any expensive components or tweaks.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Similar to the old Jon Dahlquist designs.

Uses too much room interaction for my tastes, but I still have a pair of DQ10s that I listen to occasionally.

I've used the original Alon Model 1's and think it's a great bargin. I upgraded a pair of Vandersteen 2CI's and never looked back. Very open, transparent sound, but also has good dynamics. I'd definitely buy something from Carl/Acarian again. I think his approach works.
Based on the many positive reviews i read about alon speakers on these sites, I tried locating a dealer closest to where I live by e-mailing Acarian to get that information,using their web page template. But they never replied; so i left message on their answering machine(there is no live person to answer) I'm still waiting to hear from them. Any prospective purchaser should be carefull.Acarian either has poor to non-existing customer service or they are going out of business.
I don't think they are going out of business, they are just a small operation. I just bought a new woofer from Carl (owner/designer) and it only took a week to get from my check going out to speaker showing up on my doorstep. I too tried emailing, but also was persistent on the phone and got his wife (who also helps out) to take my order. Alon speakers are very good designs, but they are not a large company and don't seem to have the resources to staff incoming requests as well as the larger companies.
I've owned several pair of Alon's over the years and they have all been great. I've recently upgraded my Alon V mk III's with the Alnico woofer and tweeter used in the Circes, my e-mails were always answered the next day and delivery was within a week from NY to CA. It's a small operation and they probably don't have time to answer dealer questions when they have a dealer locater on their web site...www.alonbyacarian.com. I had 2 problems with my Alon II's a few years back....woofer/cone separation and I blew a resistor on my midrange crossovers. All it took was one call and I had replacement parts within a few days and I bought the speakers used. They are far from going out of business and their new Lotus Elites are getting rave reviews.