What is your most beautiful component?

Sound qualities set aside... What is the most beautiful component in your system. If you can please provide links to a picture of it. For me it is my Basis 1400 turntable. This turntable is a piece of art. Unfortunately, I cannot find Basis' home page.
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Magneplanar Tympani T-IVa loudspeakers, black cloth and dark wood side rails. Elegant simplicity.

My favorite looking amplifier is the Atma-Sphere M60, with the chrome-plated version of the round-cornered power transformer cover (and it's 50's-style UV meter). Very cool.

My Arc Ref 6. Runner up is my B&W 800 matrix. Or maybe the other way around. Lol. 
I strongly believe looks are just as important as sound. I now have my UDP-LX500 on a Butcher Block Acoustics stand and I love it more everyday. My Furman power conditioner would take second place.