What is your idea of a Perfect Album?

I was just listening to Kid Creole and the Coconuts album "Fresh Fruit in Foreign Places" and came to the conclusion that it is a "perfect album". The story line, the instrumentation, the mix and even the artwork are all included in my rating of this record. Yes, the artwork and liner notes count as well. Dark Side of the Moon is a another good example. There's a million of them, whats yours?
Television- Marquee Moon
Os Mutantes- Os Mutantes
Big Star- #1 Record
Michael Hurley- Snockgrass
Ben_campbell- Thanks for your response. I'm certain that had I encountered this post earlier today my list would have been completly different. The lps that I did list are ones that were perfect for this afternoon (for me) and ones I do cherrish.
Happy listening,
Stevie Wonder "Innervisions". Great jazz chord changes over a real funk clavinet and drums with all guitars rockin' to the great vocals.

Kate Bush "The Hounds Of Love". Delve deep in. There is not a note to be changed. And the last 3/4 of the album is really just a series of songs telling a longer story. Where are you Kate?

There really are so few but I could go on and on.