What is your favourite Coltrane album ?

I would like to have one or two of his record albums. Recording quality is important too, of course. And what are the best pressings, original American, Japanese pro, something else?
I am familiar with his sound but not well enough.
If you don't have it yet, you must get *Blue Train* - his only Blue Note recording. The mono version by Music Matters, Ltd. is my favorite (can't afford an original). I also have the Acoustic Sounds stereo 45 rpm double LP - - also superb.
A love supreme, giant steps, blue trane
I agree with the above, must add to the list "Ballads" maybe not one of the most creative, but easy to listen too and sounds great.
Blue Train and Ballads
Another vote for Blue Train.
If I could only have two, they would be Ballads and Coltrane with Johnny Hartman ... both on Impulse. Everything mentioned here is good stuff, and you can't go wrong with any of these suggestions. I have 'em all. One that is usually not in the conversation is Crescent. Nice pressing and great music!
Inna, which Coltrane? He seemed to always be in constant change. I don't think you can just have a couple. You need them all. 😉

Personal favorites would be Live at the Vangard, Giant Steps, Favorite Things. Of the latter "louder" period, take your pick, all good in their own way, although a harder listen. Enjoy the journey!

Oh yeah, The one with Johnny Hartman is really good!
Which Coltrane? I am not sure. I like his saxs. It's like Miles - I may not like much paticular track or album but I always like his trumpet. I know Favourite Things.
Let's see, at least three to begin with - Blue Train, Giant Steps and Love Supreme.

Without a doubt "Blue Train". If I had to select only 1 cut from one LP, it would be "Blue Train".
I like the Giant Steps CD reissue--it sounds great and has some really good outtakes (several versions each of Naima and Giant Steps, for instance). Lotta bang for the buck.
Agree w/ Blue Train, but the other album you've got to own that is halfway an answer to your question is:

Thelonious Monk With John Coltrane Quartet at Carnegie Hall (Mono reissue is fantastic!). Cheers,

The Thelonius Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall that came out maybe 6-7 years ago is great and sounds fantastic. One Blue Note/EMI.
Any of the albums with Miles especially-
Workin-Steamin-Relaxin-Cookin (Prestige)

My Favorite Things-(Atlantic)

Bags and Trane(Atlantic)

Love Supreme(Impulse)

If you like these then get the rest.
I've seen there is an XRCD version of "Black Pearls", which I've never heard but wondered why it was singled out for the JVC catalog. Any fans of that release?

Inna, maybe there isn't any "Trane" that will meet your musical sensibilities. Tell me what you think about this;



Enjoy the music.
Inna - I think the 3 you mention are good places to start. Something not mentioned so far (at least give a listen to it on Tidal or Spotify): Coltrane Live at the Half Note "One Down, One Up". Has great ambiance.
Thank you all. A lot to check out.
Orpheus10, thank you, I liked that. But it's quite different from Coltrane, though I understand that he both influenced many and was influenced by various music and traditions.
Miles Davis is my favourite jazz musician period.
I don't quite consider John McLaughlin a jazz musician, though in many ways he is by discipline. He can't really be categorized. He used to say that his strongest influences were by Miles Davis and John Coltrane. But also, of course, Indian and Spanish flamenco music. American blues too.
I agree with Mapman's choices. If it has to be kept to two choices it has to be Giant Steps and A Love Supreme as the two which best give a sense of the scope of one of the very greatest jazz musicians of all time. Giant Steps turned the world of improvised music upside down and would forever alter the way the saxophone would sound in jazz. A Love Supreme is, arguably, his best recording. An open window into Coltrane's deep spirituality, this four movement "suite" is modal and free jazz at it's greatest. In some ways difficult to listen to, but utterly amazing music.