What is your favorite Mozart symphony?

Most people would agree that the last three symphonies of Mozart (No. 39 - 41) would be his greatest symphonic compositions. But it is so interesting to realize the perspectives on that subject from conductors. In one interview, Karl Bohm stated that symphony No. 9 in C major has the originality of some later great works. Another case is Eugen Jochum who performed Symphony No. 33 in B flat major (121 times) more than Symphony No. 40 (60 times) and Symphony No. 41 (87 times) in his career.

It would be equally or more interesting to collect your opinions. What would be your favorite Mozart symphony? What would be the most admired performance/recording of that composition?

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I would imagine 41 would get the most votes and rightly so.

My personal love is no.36 in C ,K 425 "Linz", played by the incomparable Vienna Phil. with the Great Istvan Kertesz at the helm .
Various releases on Decca .