What is your favorite Mod for the EAR 834P

I plan to upgrade my 834P. I have changed the tubes and the power cord. As the unit appears to be very sensitive to vibration, I also use vibration control below and above. What in your experience should it do next.
i sent mine to mitch singerman, and i must say great results,
Yes. So far you have been applying effective tweaks. The full capacitor and resistors mods will greatly improve the 834P. I will second Mitch, but I've heard of good results from Great Northern Sound and others.
I swapped out the power supply caps,output caps,many resistor,2 diodes,and the RCA connectors. Changing out the parts is really not a mod. Thorsten over AA has made actual modes to the design to the unit. I did not go that far. The next thing I would like to try is the TX 103 step ups.

Thank you for your advice about changing out caps, risistors and the 2 diodes. I hope you don't mind a rather specific question. I have the schematic and, since I don't have the necessay skills, plan to have the work done locally. I will have to give the rather specific instructions. What brand of cap should be used in the power supply and output. Which resistors should be replaced and with what brand. What type of diode should be used.