What is Your Favorite Mile Davis Set on Mosaic?

I want to get a Miles Davis LP Boxed set on Mosaic Records and I would like your opinions as to your favorite and why it is your favorite. The available list is:

The Blackhawk Sessions
Miles Davis with John Coltrane
Miles davis Quintet 1965-1968
The complete Bitches Brew Sessions

I already have the In A Silent Way set.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I only own The Blackhawk Sessions
Bithes Brew
In a Silent Way.
Of these three I like The Bitches Brew Sessions for the varity of songs which vary in jazz styles. From balls to the walls electric jazz to the more traditidional jazz offerings of Guinnevere (my personal favorite) which wasn't even on Bitches Brew but on a latter offering Circle in the Round. Make no mistake your not buying just Bitches Brew but songs from this session that were not used were released on 4 OTHER ALBUMS. No this was a moment in time where Miles was breaking new ground and like The Beatles in RocknRoll,musicians in jazz followed him to all corners of the musical scale on a journey called fusion. For that reason alone and because the music is so varied and ecletic it is the one I would choose. This is listed as a Last Chance selection it is nearly sold out.
I hope that the rumours that Mosaic will be releasing The Jack Johnson Sessions on Vinyl are true.
I have Mosaic LPs Plugged Nickel, Davis/Coltrane, and Quintet 65-68. Of these I return most often to the Quintet box. This one unfolds through the exciting '60s transformation from acoustic to electric in ESP, Miles Smiles, Sorcerer, Nefertiti, Water Babies, Circle in the Round, Miles in the Skies, early Filles de Kilimanjaro. Of course the more familiar Coltrane box is seminal and fascinating to trace Miles through Kind of Blue.
I own all of the Mosaic-Davis LP sets, and I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. (Got many of them on CD, too) Of the ones you listed, I prefer the Miles Davis/Coltrane set - hands down. You didn't list it, but really like the Davis/Gil Evans set.
Brilliant corners, Havn't heard it yet but it's on my christmas list. It's a box set. Also Miles Smiles, a must have!