What is your favorite High EFF speaker

Hello Everyone!

The most interesting item on my horizon lately are high efficiency speakers. 

Better said, speakers which can easily be driven by amps whose output is from 15 to 70wpc. And likely lower, ala 300B  amps, or a pr of Els or KTs, etc. there are a ton of 30 to 75wpc tube amps out there that perform at fascinating levels, and are very interesting. 

Having exactly no EXP in this realm other than a former interlude with Silverline Sonata IIIs (reputedly 93db, @ 8 ohms) some time back, I’m asking for members EXP on current or  recent production  speakers  still available you have used which check all the boxes IYO.

 imaging, resolution, bottom end accuracy, impact and honesty.

I listen to sensible  music. Nothing urban or inner city, rave, etc.., but I do enjoy twisting up the ‘fun’ knob on the preamp from time to time. 

Many thanks.

You mentioned with a 16 ohm IMP speaker system, amp consideration is important.

In what respect?

As I would think an amp with 20wpc > should be enough to push them. Albeit the caveat as usual would be any amp’s voice/performance falling in line with one’s own preffs.

IMO I’d visualize a setup of T3s with 30 or better glass monos, or something akin to one of the Pass labs similar but SS monos.

I forget exactly what JW said when he mentioned they enjoyed power in the ranges of 30 to 60wpc.

Perhaps for the lower end 15 in. Driver to perform best/better?

Only hearing his T1s with your 60wpc monos was impressive. Especially in that immense room, standing well back and far off center as we spoke.
@blindjim  16 ohms reduces distortion in all amps. If **high quality** audio is your goal, your amplifier investment is better served by a higher impedance speaker, if that is the only variable.

20 watts does work, but a lot depends on the size of your room, how lively it is and your personal listening habits. I found that 20 watts simply wasn't enough- I could run that out of gas. In my old space I used our S-30 amplifier which makes 45 watts into 16 ohms and still felt like the additional power or our M-60s was helpful. If you are running the amp out of gas or even coming close, the distortion will be higher. Its best to have the amp working at a 'moderate loaf', no matter what amp it is.

best to have the amp working at a 'moderate loaf', no matter what amp it is.

Got it. THX

That must have been what John was talking about when he said in general , his speakers enjoyed most amps whose output was 30 - 60wpc. User preffs and room being additional factors.
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the room and gear are described.

if in fact your fav High Eff speaker is in a videeo then by all means post that link.