What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?

It's a difficult question,maybe your top 2 or 3 that year after year blow you away and raise the hair on your head and move your soul inside.
While their are so many three more come to mind:

Buddy Guy--Damn Right I've Got The Blues

Stevie Ray:The Sky is Crying

Warren haynes and Derek Trucks on The ABB's Desdimona and High Cost of Low Living
Journey "Of a Lifetime" song "In My Lonely Feeling" before Steve Perry ruined the group.
UFO "Lights Out" song "Love to Love"
Robin Trower "Twice removed From Yesterday" song "Daydream"
Luther Allison "Cherry Red Wine" forgot the album name.

If these songs don't get you playing air guitar, you might be dead.
Carlos Santana, "Blues for Salvador", the 2nd cut "Bella" puts me in a trance.