What is Your Favorite CornScala

Have you built or used the Crites CornScala? Which version (A, B, C, D) do you like best?
Hi Stickman

I own the B version. Never heard the others but what I've experienced and heard from others that have purchased the B and C versions is that the midrange and treble can be overbearing....headache inducing.

If I were to purchase them again, I would sans crossover and look into these instead http://www.fastlaneaudio.com/crossovers.html.
Otherwise, Crites offers a nice speaker at a reasonable price.

In terms of speaker placement, be prepared to experiment. Inches matter. More than any other speaker I've owned

For more info on Cornscalas, look here:
I opted for the Type C cornscala and couldn't be happier.

As Emil stated, I too replaced my Crite's xover with one from ALK Engineering and this was a huge improvement regarding tonal balance and driver integration. And they do require a bit of time devoted to proper set up.

These speakers replaced some much more expensive boutique models and I don't regret it one bit.

So, which ALK cross-over should I use with the Crite's B?

Here's the link to the xover I tried to post earlier.


Works with either B or C versions
I went with the Cornscala-wall.