What is your favorite budget audio component?

Just wondering for the sake of curiosity and general sharing and education among audiophiles, “What is your favorite budget audio component?” And as a bonus, “Why do you consider it budget and why is it good?” 
Since budget might be relative, I would say audio gear like MBL, Wilson MAXX speakers or anything ultra high end should not be considered.

I am continually impressed with my Yaqin MS-30L.  It's a Class A push-pull amplifier rated for 25 wpc in triode and 50 wpc in ultra linear.  You can get them new for under $1,000 which I think is an absolute bargain for such a surprising product.
Grado sr80e phones less than $100. Chord Mojo DAC.   Both outstanding alone or together. 
Bryston B100-SST integrated at around $1500 used. I like it so much that I actually sold my CJ MF2500A power amp after I bought the Bryston, & may sell my pre-amp as well
Just now read through this entire post for first time . Excellent post with so many great things made my head  swim , don't think anyone was wrong !

That said , if this was a contest and in the unlikely event an old fool like me was the judge, roberjerman would win 1st prize  with his Pioneer PLX1000
with Denon 103R.

Mine is mounted with a Soundsmith Otello and one of  THE best buys i've made in 50 years in audio. The bearings come with a bit of slack as their powerful torque sells to the DJ crowd as well . It cost me all of  $30 bucks to rectify that by a local tech . You can do yourself if you are at all handy, which I am not .
SoundPath RCA Audio Interconnect Cable @ $50/ pair by SVSound.

No burn in required, just great neutral sound from the beginning.