What is your experience with the Totem Mani-2 sig.

If you have them or have heard them. I'm interested in getting these for nearfield listening, although they do seem a bit pricey.
what are you using with them? computer,dac? they are very pricey, i am a real fan of totem, i have owned arro, upgraded to the forest and moved to the one sig. which are right there with the mani...if the money is no issue, then go for it, but make sure your dac and cord are very good or you are wasting your money...
I'm using a Cambridge audio 840c and Mcintosh mc-402 with a Mcintosh 2200. I also use the wadia ipod dock with the cambridge.
I owned the Mani's for a while (still own Model 1's). They're great speakers. When I first got the Mani's I auditioned them with a number of different amplifiers. One of the combo’s was the 2200/402, which I thought did a very nice job. The combo may be a little much for nearfield listening though.
personal opinion is always out front with me, i have used all my systems in the past as nearfield listening...even krell amps and vandersteen speakers, it is some of my most rewarding listening times, you just make the adjustments needed...and that takes very little time...the totem are just so good with everything i put them with...cary tubes, krell solid state, cayin tubes, they are just a great neutral speaker , in one man's opinion. if the money is no big deal, go for it, you can always sell, i have only bought and sold over seventy pieces on audiogon in the last seven years..dwhitt