What is Your End Game System?

How do you "measure" your end game system? Is it by budget, how much it cost? Is it by the luxuriousness of your build and room?

Is it by your components being either state of the art or unobtanium? Is it by the satisfaction you get when you are sitting in your listening chair?

What is your end game system and how do you know when you have reached it?



My end game system listed under my moniker. I started out with a hybrid system but in the end it got too much to maintain so I switched to a 2 channel system about 4 years ago. 

I don’t see your system here, would you be posting your system soon? 

@lalitk , thanks for asking, YES, I'll post it over the week end, thanks for asking.

I have a home theater, a man cave system, and a desktop. I also use DTS Play-Fi for multi zone audio in other rooms.

Hello kota1.


I listen to a wide variety of music here, as I suspect is true for many/most people who appreciate great sound reproduction.  The only genre I can think of that so far has not been one I find enjoyable is jazz.  I know many here and around the world love it, and I'm happy they do, but I was never able to connect, with very few exceptions.  

@kota1 I learned that I can fit any speaker (within reason) into a small room. Though you will not get 100% of that speakers ability to shine, as in a bigger room.

So a big speaker can be fit into a small room without fatigue. It took room treatments placed in certain spots, and DSP using Convolution filters. Later on, I managed to remove the Convolution filters and rely only on the treatments.

I also learned that most DACs are satisfying to my ears. My price limit on a DAC is around $3K now. Though for my Livingroom I am considering a preamp with DAC that cost a bit more, just for convenience sake since it would eliminate about 4 boxes. In the Livingroom this is more of an issue

I like Class A or Class A like (Benchmark AHB2) amps more than anything else. Amps do sound different.

Gear supporting the AES48 standard save me on expensive consumer XLR interconnects. In my case the 15 foot XLR connection between the Benchmark LA4 and AHB2.

Try to remove large reflective surfaces from in-between the speakers. Adding a bookshelf with books behind my speakers helped me in my small room (a bit surprised at that).

Convolution filters are pretty amazing and my safety net for my Livingroom if I have to move my KEF Blade 2 (future speaker) too close to the front wall. I have no concerns now about placement of that difficult to place speaker.

Fibre optical cable is the best for streaming. If you use that even a cheap computer can work as a music server. The best part is you can place the music server many rooms away from the audio gear. I use ROON and nothing else., though JRiver is a viable option for all the things I do or may do (Convolution). Adding a cheap FMC in front of the Fibre cable improved the sound slightly though not essential.

BTW - this is a smart question to ask.