What is Your End Game System?

How do you "measure" your end game system? Is it by budget, how much it cost? Is it by the luxuriousness of your build and room?

Is it by your components being either state of the art or unobtanium? Is it by the satisfaction you get when you are sitting in your listening chair?

What is your end game system and how do you know when you have reached it?


I had a desktop system comprising JBL 230 speakers, nice, but not an end game speaker. What I lusted for were Gallo Strada II speakers on custom Mapleshade stands. I decided to change the amp I was using on the speakers from a Parasound Zamp to a classic Carver AV505 amp that had more power. WOW! The soundstage blew out from left to right and floor to ceiling. Then I see the Gallo speakers on Audiogon with the stands at a great price. I was about to pull the trigger but couldn’t because I was enjoying the current setup so much. I don’t know that it is "end game" but certainly good enough that I didn’t want to change anything.

my end game system is in my listening room now

it is my end game, at least till tomorrow  🤣

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