What is your DESERT ISLAND amp & speaker combo?

You are being exiled to a deserted island and can bring any amp & speaker you choose BUT you have to live with that pairing for life. What would you bring?
MBL 101 X-Treme Speakers

MBL 9011 Mono Amps
Who's paying and what are we doing for sources?
ipod amp
Sennheiser EH350 speakers.
Magico Q7 2 Magico subs Rowland amps.
If I were stuck on a desert island and needed music, I would certainly bring waterproof, efficient speakers, and a small, 12 volt Tripath amp. I would also bring a good solar panel to power things with, and rechargeable battery of course. (I am assuming the desert island has no electricity)... ;^]
Montana Sammy driven by a Full set of Olympia Amplifiers :-)

Good Listening

Something like a York all in one system, where the Audiophile Police will get so upset that they would search the world to find and arrest me for being so lame.
Something like a York all in one system, where the Audiophile Police will get so upset that they would search the world to find and arrest me for being so lame.

My brother had one of those way back when. I remember trying to lecture him on the sound of that piece of crap. He was listening to Kiss, he smiled and turned it up until he couldn't hear. I left the room as I couldn't (and stilll can't) stand Kiss.
Satellite radio
Okay here's some more info on the island:

The DESERT ISLAND you will be stuck on was once the private hideaway of a very wealthy British securities trader. He kept his ownership of the island "off the books," even from his own family. Sadly, he was poisoned by his wife while home in England, leaving the island to fall back into anonymity.

The island contains a moderately large house nestled in a grove of palm trees. The house's rooms are all sizes - some tiny single bedrooms, a large master, a huge living room and an indoor squash court.

Luckily, he was an audiophile and had all the rooms rigged with great electrical lines feeding off an unknown power source which seems to come from deep under the house.


So, one system in one room. You can bring sources, cables, tweaks, media.... just ONE of each kind.

What would you choose to spend your days with?
1977 Strat(source); 1966 Fender Delux reverb combo amp(amp with 2 12" jensen speakers); Mogami 25' guitar cable; a pound or two of weed(tweak); a bong(media)... Are there any matches or lighers found in the house by any chance?
Answer: The supplied staff of French Maids and Asian Masseuses ... as long as were dreaming :)
Fifi, please dust off that next record...
Min, a little to the right....
Hildagard, another garape, thank you... oh don't to bother to peel it, dear...
Mary Anne and Ginger
Czarivey,Thanks, I forgot about guitars. Tho, I would rather a Gibson Super 400, in case I needed something to paddle away upon in case of a bad storm. :)
+1 on Csarivey's choice with a slight revision. I'll take my '66 Princeton Reverb with Weber Ferromax.

Oh, by the way, whether or not there are matches or a lighter, I'm gettin' it lit!
Czar and Mink (I like the your guitar amp choices) .. you'd have plenty of time and sticks available to rub together for sparking up
stacked quads esl with original quad mono amps from the 60s
practicing is best when isolated
a "desert" island or simply a deserted island? big difference. i want a cool shaded lagoon with a waterfall, fruit-laden plants, a plentiful variety of fish and game, beautiful mountains with breathtaking overlooks, rare birds and insects,
flowers that bloom year round (in sequence), someone who can COOK really well,
a swiss-made microscope, a Takahashi telescope and mount, many guitars and amplifiers. my STEREO SYSTEM would include the latest Wilson WAMM system
(only two in the world, the other belongs to D.W.), Levinson (or) Rowland amps
(can't make up my mind on that score). Source- Levinson 512 or EMM labs XDS-1 (more complicated than that i don't know how to use), Levinson or Rowland Preamp, VPI-TNT-6 table with SDS and a Benz-LPS. Just an aside- i don't sincerely believe that the equipment from Europe or Japan, et.al. is significantly "better" than the American brands, as wonderful as they might be.
BTW, Do I get to bring a computer? Does Amazon deliver? what if i need to exercise my warrantee? can i get SAT radio/TV? Netflix?
I don't know, i think i am getting homesick...
The Professor to keep me alive and Mary Ann to keep me happy!
Mary Ann, or Ginger?? My vote to Mary Ann.
no, brooke shields would be my 1st choice. she could give me swimming lessons when i'm not listening to the stereo...
No, none of the above. My choice would be Scarlett Johansson from "The Island"! Now that's a desert isle BABE!!!