What is your comfort level?

Can't say how or why, but while perusing the Classifieds I've unconsciously set limits on how much components, new or used, can reasonably cost in my home system. The limits seem built-in. Although units over my limits are often desireable, because they're beyond what I'd consider actually spending, I give them no more than passing interest. Have I found my comfort level? Thankfully the used market on the Net has got me into some stuff I'd never have afforded new. FWIW then, here are my limits:

Preamp - $1,000
Power Amp - $1,250
CD Player - $1,500
Speakers - $2,000
Pair of Interconnects - $100
Digital cable - $150

Do you have limits? What is your comfort level?
I would say that I have a comfort level for component costs. I could afford to spend more, but I choose not too because of my own self imposed limits...my comfort level. I am noticing that my limits are slowly increasing though. I do not have category limits as you posted, its more of a case by case basis.
You are way under budget on cabling. I was alway told to spread the $$$ equally (all cabling together should equal a component)?
I would say I have limits until I hear something that sounds so right that I am willing to ignore them completely and figure out how to afford it. This rarely happens but when it does I am content in that department for quite a long time. Hope this helps.
Sadly......no limits. :-(

That's why I drive a '98 Toyota I guess.

Well actually I do have limits, since I don't own the Wavac $300K SET monoblocks. I'm not firm enough with my limits to call them limits though.

Uru975: Great post! More people should listen with their ears, not with their pocketbooks or what they read. When you hear what you can't live without and can get it, it's nice to get off the bus and enjoy the music.

My $1500-per-component limit turned into $1500-per-upgrade... with just one trip, so far, into the territory Uru975 mentions.

You have to set limits, I think. They make it much easier to see the difference between something you want and something you need. ( OK, maybe that should be " ...and something you really, really want." )
Over the year, my philosophy has been cost per upgrade and not cost per component. If I trade a component for $2k, then my comfort level for the replacement is $2k + "X".

I have also found that the longer I am in the hobby, the higher X goes (and I am working from a larger base).

This may be why I so love tweeks, I can play for much less than the cost of a component/upgrade (I have gone the upgrade route a number of times with SMC audio and McCormack gear).