What is you TIDAL setup?

A lot of audiophiles are waxing lyrical about this new HD streaming technology, proclaiming that this may be the best thing that happened to audio since the dawn of CDs. Positive reviews abound everywhere online. I succumbed and ordered a subscription. I'm glad I did, because TIDAL is freaking awesome! For a meager 20 clams a month, you suddenly have a 25 million CD collection at your fingertips! That alone is mind boggling and unthinkable a decade or so ago. I have been a SPOTIFY subscriber for a long time and can confidently say that TIDAL's streaming service is significantly better sounding and worth the extra subscription fee. I still kept SPOTIFY because, simply put, it has more selections. If SPOTIFY will offer HD streaming in the future, I will be in sonic nirvana! Pardon me for burying the leade. How did you incorporate TIDAL into your system? Here's my setup:

My system is composed of:

Shelter 7000
Well Tempered Amadeus
OPPO 103D - Transport and Blu ray Player
MAC MINI - upgraded SSD w/ 16GB RAM. Loaded with Amarra software
Auralic VEGA
Hovland HP100MC
Symphonic Line RG7 MK4
Gemme Audio Tanto Karbon V3
iPAD Gen 2 with Retina Display
Wireworld Silver Eclipse Cables

I did not want to go through the hassle of moving my tricked-out MAC MINi from the computer nook to the listening room so I figured out a way to use my iPAD as the source. You cannot plug your iPAD directly into the VEGA. You need an interface. This is where the OPPO comes in where it also serves as a CD and Blu Ray discs transport. You have to buy an iPAD HDMI adapter. Plug in the iPAD using the adapter to the back of the OPPO and you're in business. Did I mention that the OPPO can also play whatever music file you throw at it?! Be it AIFF, FLAC, DSD, etc.. For the price, it's one amazing technologically-packed piece of gadgetry. Let's move on. Ensure you have the TIDAL app downloaded to the iPAD. Connect OPPO to the VEGA via toslink or COAX and Vega to the preamp, receiver or amp and you're ready to play!

In my setup, I plugged the VEGA straight to the amp using ENDLER attenuators. I found the resultant sound much more transparent and dynamic than going through a preamp. For additional info, using the VEGA's built in volume control is not as sonically satisfying. I found the frequency extremes truncated and the overall sound dynamically constricted. This is especially true at lower listening levels.

So there! In the end, I believe I was able to save some money by buying the OPPO vice the Auralic Aries. Plus I now have a very capable transport that can also play my old CD and Blu Ray collections. I'm immensely enjoying TIDAL. I haven't touched my turntable or played any CDs for almost a month. Well..., gotta go! I still have 24,999,824 CDs to listen to.
Mine is pretty straightforward - IPad to Apple TV wirelessly via Airplay, toslink from Apple TV to DAC. I'd say it's average CD quality. Lots of fun!
I run a PS Audio PWD II. I get my TIDAL via router > Ethernet cable > Squeezebox Touch > coax > DAC. Last night I A/B'd this setup against router > wifi > Macbook Air > TIDAL in Chrome browser > USB > DAC and it wasn't even close; coax via the Touch won by a mile.
running three different ways - (1)via the 'web' player - computer (ESI Juli@ soundcard) into Esoteric G25U upsampler/into K03 dac; 2nd way is pretty much the same, but using their downoaded player, not their web player. The 3rd way is via my Squeezebox (ickStream) and that seeems to be the BEST way as I have no dropouts, no lagging, seemless playback, fast searches, etc. I actualy thik the SB may (may) sound better but still playing around. Tidal is AWESOME. I have discovered so much new music it is not funny. I am a kid in a candy store with my $19.95 subscription!
I should have searched for this thread before starting one on this topic also... Oh well.

Im using Tidal and loving it also. I'll keep Spotify as well.

Hopefully they'll keep progressing with this streaming quality. I'd like to see it get even better!
I have a couple setups.. home and Car.
Home.. Mac Mini via Web interface to DAC to amps.. Simple!

Car.. galaxy tab tidal app WIFI to wifi router via Optical to processor to digital amp full digital FLAC
I stream Tidal from my MAC Book Pro Computer 2.9GHz Dual-core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz Laptop computer to my Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC using the Synergistic Research Active SE USB Cable.

The MAC Computer is connected to the Internet using the Linksys PowerLine Home Plug AV Kit (PLSK400). The Linksys PowerLine Home Plug AV Kit (PLSK400) lets you pass through the existing power lines in your home (or office) into a high-speed network. There is no noise problem with the Ethernet over power since it runs on your electrical lines at a higher frequency than the electrical power. It has proven to be a very reliable connection. Connection problems are very rare. My video system, dishwasher and other home appliances do NOT interfere when I am using the Ethernet over power connection for my MAC computer.

I like using Tidal for streaming very much. The best part, of course, is the sound quality. In addition, I like selecting an album and then scrolling down for additional albums by the same artist.
I have an Aurender S10, and a few weeks ago Tidal streaming was added with the latest software update. So now I stream Tidal through the S10, then USB out to a Lampizator USB Transport, then to an Audio Note DAC.

I have ripped over 700 CDs with XLD and they're now stored on the S10. I've compared many of those rips to the same recording on Tidal, and I prefer Tidal.

I didn't mention my setup in an earlier post... I stream from my wifi to an iphone docked on a wadia 170i (upgraded welborne power supply), peachtree nova pre / 220 amp, monitor audio gx50's, signal canble silver resolution cables, pangea power cords.

I'm really surprised that a year or two ago I could not tell the difference between spotify and cd's but I heard the difference between spotify and tidal right away. Many songs that I know well sounded so different with all the underlying details / micro details that I thought they were remixes only to realize that they were the same songs. I've never had such a huge "hearing things for the first time" revelation.

Now that I've picked up on these nuances in the music, it would be hard to go back. Its like thinkjng your car doesn't have any dents, then one day you see a dent (that has probably always been there) and now you can't not notice it.

On a side note, I much prefer Spotify's user interface and music selection compared to Tidal. Tidal can be downright frustrating for me while searching. You have to spell the artists name perfectly or it wont pull it up. I can't figure out how to erase tracks that I've saved in folders created by me. Discovering new music is much easier and more intuitive on spotify also. I don't know which is easier; trying to convince spotify to up thier quality or convinve Tidal to increase thier music selection and improve thier interface.

One other thing I'd like to add is that these songs that sounded so much better on Tidal vs. Spotify didn't even have the "hifi" logo lit up on Tidal, so in conclusion, Tidals lower fidelity still blew away Spotify!!
Macbook Pro or iOS device -> via Bluetooth -> AudioEngine B-1 -> via Toslink -> Genesis Digital Lens -> SPDIF -> Electrocompaniet ECD-1 -> Unison Unico SE


I'm using ickStream, iPeng, a Squeezebox Touch, and an Auralic Vega DAC.

There's a big downside to this in that the Tidal library is not at all browsable using ickStream. There's no ability to "drill down" beyond the 100 items listed for a genre (and "Classical" is an extremely broad categorization, as are some of the other genres). You have to know what you are looking for and then find the search string that will locate it.

Search just gives you a limited listing of the results. Search on "haydn", for example, and you only get a list of 100 items, most of them crap. If you search on "haydn creation", you do get a good selection of recordings of that work.

I've only been evaluating Tidal for a few days. Some problems I've run into:

* Some dropouts a few days ago. Streaming has been smooth since.
* A few times, the stream spontaneously skipped to the next track.
* Tracks from the label MDG won't play.

The primitive search engine and lack of browsability are the most troublesome issues, though.
I am using ickstream plug-in to Logitech Media Server, a Modwright Squeezebox Transporter player/DAC, analog out to my Doshi Alaap.
Oh, and I agree, the search functionality pretty much...what's the word I'm looking for??? Oh, yeah, SUCKS!!!
If you keep having drop-outs, make sure you don't have too many other processes running. I was having trouble w that at first.
Thinkpad T41-> Cheap USB A to B cable-> Oppo 105 USB-> Kimber PBJ IC-> McCormack TLC-1 PreAmp-> Kimber PBJ-> McCormack DNA1.0 Delux Amp-> AQ MidNight Speaker Cable-> Thiel 2.2 Speaker.
I use iPneg as my remote on my ipad and just go onto the tidal web page via the browser when I want to search - mark as a favorite and ickstream will pick it up.
TIDAL app through my iPad Air via Airplay to my Lumin A1. Works and sounds a treat. Lumin will be offering TIDAL in their own app shortly.
A word of CAUTION.
I have just been charged the full amount during the trial period without my knowledge. I get constant dropouts with the track stopping entirely within 30 seconds.
Now I can't even log in to manage my account to cancel. I get a server error message. Does anyone else have this problem?
I just started my trial period of TIDAL. I like it, but I probably won't continue it because I already have a Beats Music plan that covers our whole family for $15/month. The TIDAL sound is definitely a little bit better, though. Note that you have to run it using the Chrome browser to get the lossless stream. If you run it through Safari or another browser, it only streams at 320kbs.

My office system is: MacBook Pro (15" Retina) --> Wadia 121 DAC/Digital Preamp --> Bel Canto Ref 500S power amp --> Linn Majik 140 speakers.

Cables are Pangea USB, Kimber Hero XLR interconnects, Hovland Nine Lines speaker cables. I need a power conditioner, I think, though. My office building has pretty shoddy, old electric wiring, I think.
Mateored - Thanks for that info. Did not know Tidal via Mac/Safari was limited to 320 kbs.
Ghosthouse - you can check your streaming rate by clicking on the "Settings" tab on the left side of the browser, and then clicking the "Streaming" tab.

I was listening last night in bed using MBP --> Wireworld Ultraviolet USB cable --> Centrance DACport --> B&O H6 headphones. It sounded nice.

I need a new USB to USB mini cable though. this one isn't flexible enough. Any recommendations? There aren't many out there.
Mateored -

Would this work?


Re Tidal, I haven't tried it yet. Very happy with Spotify. You comments about limitations on the Tidal streaming rate make me think I'll be staying with the Spot.
Tidal through my Lumin player is superb. Lumin just within the last week or 2 added the Tidal icon to thier app and you access Tidal through the app and use the Lumin app to run Tidal. it is a great success.i am using an imac.no dropouts or any problems at all.
Some trivia.....

Interesting article, Jon. Thanks for posting the link. It certainly provides some good insight into the complexities of the music business and JayZ, in particular. On the other hand, I don't think it documents that Tidal is currently a complete disaster. Tidal certainly faces some serious challenges. While myself no fan of hip hop or the stars of that music genera, it did seem to me the author had an axe to grind.
Very simple setup for me. Ethernet cable from my network to a Hegel H160 integrated amp and Apple Airplay from an iPod Touch with the TIDAL app. Works beautifully. Had been using a Hegel H300 previously, but I really like having the Ethernet input on the H160. Definitely looking forward to the new Hegel H360 that's coming out late this summer as it will make significant improvements on the H300 and have an Ethernet input like the H160.
I'm just getting started. Planning to mostly stream Tidal via AirPlay to a Hegel h160 for now. Would the sound quality be better if I connect a computer or product like Aurender directly to the h160?
I play Tidal either through Logitech Media Server or the Oppo 103. I haven't done direct comparisons, but since LMS is USB 2.0 I expect it will be the most jitter-free of the two solutions, but I find the Mytek is a pretty consistent player regardless of source, unlike my previous DAC.

The Oppo Media app has by far the nicer interface. Logitech is fine if you have added music to your collection, or know what you are searching for.

I use LMS mostly for my PCM/DSD tracks I've purchased, listening to Jazz FM 91 (fabulous station!!) or the local KDFC classical

I also, like Erik Squires, listen through my Oppo 103 via the Oppo media app on my ipad. I use a wireworld HDMI cable from my Oppo to my Datasat preamp; it is marketed to reduce digital jitter. I am very pleased with the sound quality.
Bubble UpNP on an Android tablet outputing to JRiver on a PC via DLNA. PC connects to a Chord Hugo via usb. This allows CD quality Tidal through JRiver even though JRiver does not support Tidal directly. Bubble UpNP GUI is not as pretty as the Tidal app, but is fine on the tablet. You can always search and add to playlists on your PC.
Sonos Connect > Optical cable > Remedy Reclocker > Toslink > Wyred4Sound DAC2

controlled by iphone. 

Use my bluesound vault 2 through my NAD M17 via AQ Mackenzie cables, controlled with iPad mini. The rest of my setup is: NAD M27, B&W 804d3, HTM2 d3, 4x CM6, ML Balanced Force 212. The enhanced stereo mode on the M17 sounds surreal;). 
Bluesound Node 2 > iFi SPDIF iPurifier > Schiit Bifrost Multibit

BluOS Controller apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Bluesound Node 2 -> Schiit Sys -> power amplifier 

wtf, do you find the DAC in Bifrost much superior to the DAC in Node2? I'm intrigued.

@kalali .. I think it's more refined and nuanced honestly. I had the DAC before acquiring the Node 2, otherwise I might not have bothered. The on-board Burr Brown DAC in the Node 2 is quite acceptable. 
Thanks wtf. I have not compared the DAC in Node 2 with other DACs so I have no frame of reference but most folks seem to find it decent so I never bothered to look elsewhere. I'm quite happy with the Tidal HiFi sound quality played through Node 2. It's also feeding my subwoofer quite well.
It's been a while since I visited this thread.  A lot has changed since then!  Oppo now has the Tidal app incorporated in its menu.  No need for an Pad, iPhone or a computer.  Tidal's music selection and interface have also immensely improved.  Another interesting development is the addition of MQA files to their growing roster; though for now these can be played only via laptop or computer.  I've also heard through the audio grapevine that Spotify is now testing the field and will also, in the very near future, stream lossless audio.  Wunderbar!  The only fly in the ointment is that Oppo, in the future release of the UDP 103 4K player, will no longer have the capability to directly stream Tidal nor Pandora.  WTH are you thinking Oppo?!  Now the obvious question is:  When Spotify goes lossless, which one are you keeping?  Tidal or Spotify?  He-he!
I have both Spotify and Tidal.  As soon as Spotify goes lossless I will be keeping Spotify just for the fact that I enjoy their interface much better.

Modified Wyred Sonos Connect>Wywires coax digital cable>Dodson DAC 217IID>Pathos Twin Towers > Controlled by either android phone or Ipad mini. 

I have a very good transport and honestly tidal streaming in my above setup sounds nearly identical to cd's playing through my transport so I am very happy.  The modified wyred sonos connect is a very good value as it significantly cleans up the digital audio output compared to the stock connect.  I also added an aftermarket powercord to the sonos connect which is plugged into a ps audio p300 power regenerator.

I have a very nice Dell laptop, quad core I7, 16 gigs of memory, 1tb internal hard drive, 4tb external hard drive, Windows10 Pro.

I have the Windows Tidal app installed, as well as iTunes, storing CDs I record as 44.1/16 AIFF files (plus some hi-res albums from HD Tracks), using the USB output into the DAC, then analog from the DAC to my pre-amp.

I also have Roon running on the Dell, using an iPad to control.

I used to access Tidal via the app in my music server, but find having this all on a Windows laptop means I can upgrade with changes as they occur.
I’m using a router via ethernet > Simaudio Moon Neo Ace w/ MiND module > Emotiva XPA Gen 3 two channel amp via the Moon pre-out > Monitor Audio Silver 8 speakers > controlled w/ iPad 3 using the MiND app.

To date, the sound has been superb, with zero dropouts or connection failures. I had originally planned to use a CD transport or NAS with ripped CD’s, but am finding it hard to spend the time or effort involved to rip the discs, considering the sound quality that I am getting streaming Tidal.
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MacBook Pro (2012, i7-2.3MHz, 16Gb ram) running OSX, Roon, and HQPlayer from SDHC memory card) => Supra USB cable => iFi iPurifier2 => Intona USB isolator => Verastarr Nemesis USB cable=> battery powered ExaSound E12 (E32 soon) DAC with an iFi DC iPurifier, upsampling everything to DSD256.
I'm using an Aurender N100H to stream Tidal service  --> AQ coffee USB cable --> into an  Ayre Codex DAC. The sound is fantastic, plus no USB jitter issues. The USB out is super clean, absolutely no need for a USB isolator or purifier. Very happy! 
Aurender A10-Silnote Poseidon-Classe ssp800(bypassed)-Sim Titan. Extremely happy with this setup. 
So tell me more about the A10.  I am considering this unit but have read very little about it and am curious to get a first hand report from an owner.
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I went from several combinations of dacs/ transports/hi-end CD players many years ago to Mac mini/audirvana which I thought would do it for me, and it just didn't. I've actually gone extended periods in which I didn't listen to music just because it wasn't the same anymore with the mini.

Purchased the A10 2 months ago and I couldn't be happier. It's an all in one box that simplifies my system. Build quality and Aurender support is first class. Ease of use and Tidal intergration is flawless and SQ is excellent. I don't know how tidal does it, but I prefer their files over my counterpart ripped cds about 70% of the time, and that's just the standard 16 bit/44.1 albums.  MQA is whole other thing. 

Check out  the Aurender discussion thread at Computeraudiophile.com. 
Thank you for your input about the A10.  The simplicity of having a "one box" streamer/dac/storage component certainly is appealing.  I do read the Computer Audiophile forum.  While there was a review a while back and there is a lot of discussion around Aurender products there seems to be little about the A10 and specifically from owners of the A10.  How does the A10 sound vs some of your high end CD players?  I currently have a Sony XA5400ES SACD player and am auditioning a Bryston BCD-3 CD player.
I can't comment about the DAC built into the A10 but I suggest you consider getting a model without the DAC builtin into the player/streamer and keep the DAC separate. This will give you the flexibility to change DACs if you don't like the sound of the builtin DAC. The Aurender players themselves are excellent. I can't be happier feeding the the Aurender into an Ayre DAC. I heard that the Aurender and Chord DAC is also a great combo.