What is wrong with my tuner?

Yesterday I bought a Realistic TM-101 solid state AM/FM tuner for $2 at a church fair. I hooked up an RCA indoor TV antenna, using the 300 ohm connector cables to the VHF/FM part. Pulled out the rabbit ears and turned it on. I get some poor AM, but that's par for the course here in our region. I really wanted FM, but I get nadda! Is the FM part of this old tuner broke, or am I doing something wrong? By nadda, I mean there is not even any static. I have to turn my volume in the Integrated Cary tube amp to 3/4 to hear a little hiss. The AM is clearly audible at 1/4 volume. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance....Bob
Sounds busted to me (no pun intended). Look inside and see if the FM antenna terminals are still wired to the circuit board. If the solder is cracked, maybe no signal. You could test it by placing the antenna wire directly to where the terminals are connected inside.
Thanks....I will try it!