What is wrong with my Jolida 1501RC?

I have a Jolida 1501RC tube/solid state-hybrid amp that I have owned for a little over a month now, Today I noticed a rythmic static in the background on both channels. It seems to come in and out in about 1 second intervals. The volume and/or input selection has no effect over this static. However, when the amp is unplugged for a few minutes and then turned back on the static seems to subside, only to return again after a couple minutes of being powered up. To me this would seem like a power supply issue, but It would be nice to get an opinion before I send it in for service.

Joseph M. Leonard

Do not know the answer to your question, but can tell you that Jolida takes good care of their customers so just give them a call.

turned out to be dirty power. My roomate came to me with a complaint of the same type coming from his completely seperate system. The problem went away after a while, but now that I know how much of an affect bad power source can have I am going to get a balanced power supply. I can spend about 500 if anyone has any suggestions
I'm about to purchase a Jolida 1501RC via E BAY UK.
If I have any similar problems where in the UK would I get technical support?