What is today's best CD transport in the 4k-6k?

I heard before the answer: Barclay! Although they may be good and you can find some from time to tome on Audiogon, I am much concerned with maintenance issues about these since they are not manufactured anymore. So, who's left in the 4k-6k price range [used]: Burmester 979, MBL 1521, CEC TL1-X or TL0-X are the model I am considering. Any guidance anyone?

Note: I own a Mephisto IIX CD-Transport paired with a DAC-64, but I am also considering the DCS DELIUS or ELGAR for DAC.
Used Forsell Air Reference II Transport.
you don't like Mephisto IIx ??????
You already own one of the "best". IMHO, any move you make will be at the most, sideways, at the least backwards.

That transport, with the Enkianthus IIx DAC, is about as state of the art as you're gonna get. The Enkianthus DAC will probably remain at the leading edge for many years to come.

Has the Mephisto not been good to you, or do you just have a large tax return to burn?
mbl 1521 at even $4k used is too expensive unless its like 1 hour old.
I am also curious about your thoughts for changing the Mephisto 2X.
no way can a transport/dac in that price range beat the better under 6k single unit players- you just need to pick the one with your sound personality in mind. Resolution Audio/Gamut/Electrocompaniet/AudioMecca etc. should cover most people.
Manhandave, You would you suggest a "single box" player vs. a "2 box" transport/DAC?

Could you explain you reasoning?
IMO Burmester and MBL are much overrated in the US. Those are good transports (not excelent ones) with radiculous price tags.